A typical boss situation

I push carts at a local grocery store and my supervisor is really getting on my nerves. Along with being in charge of 4 different lots, alone, I also have several other responsibilities within the hour. So the cart content fills up in my absence. My supervisor nags me over the fact there are still carts outside. I mean, yes there are still carts outside. There will always be carts outside so long as customers keep taking them and not putting them back. So customers = carts. Along with that, I only have 30 minutes each hour to collect those carts and four lots to work, which means more space and less time. Management says I do a good job, but my supervisor still nags me. I’m getting more stress than I did as a cashier. I can’t do the job of 2 or three people. I wish she’d just transfer like all the other supervisors and managers do. Corporate likes to shuffle people around.

I own Demons of Wrath by Corwin Hargrove. I used it once but assumed the method (Divine names for binding) hurts or offends the spirit. Course the night after I got this weird idea demons enjoy candy, particularly chocolate. I like the book because the rituals in it deal more with hindering a target than causing actual harm. I am yet to find an lhp book that does that. They can range from temporary impediment to long term disruption (Which I save for you know who). I’m considering using the book on her, but I don’t want to offend the spirit. Any suggestions?


Maybe try the mundane ritual first?? talk to the superior of your supervisor. He might help him/her see differently.

Maybe ask a spirit to open your supervisors eyes to see how he is wrong maybe dantelion or king paimon or ask the same spirits to influence the superior of your supervisor to transfer you or your superior.

just leave them out or replace with the names lucifer, astaroth, belzebub, etc.

You can do what one user did a few years ago in a similar situation. he used namaah to target the person at work directly via visualization


It does work

The supervisor is abusing their power so I would suggest Belial:

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