A tribute to Oshun

So, this girl I’m talking to is a dancer. She’s been showing interests in magick and has purchased a few basic witchcraft books. I told her about the Orishas, including Oshun. I suggested that she does a performance for Oshun, where she dresses in bright yellow and dances to a dancehall song. I’ve even provided a few examples. But due to her being new and inexperienced, just recently started moving away from Christianity, she said she’s worried that it might be considered offensive. I told her to think of it more as tribute. Can anyone offer any thoughts?


You know, something I’ve learned is this. Nobody owns creative expression. If you love something and want to express it, just do it.
Those who choose to hate just haven’t figured out how to invest that energy in themselves.

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Offensive to who?
I haven’t worked with Oshun but I think if it’s done from the heart then it won’t be offensive. As long as it is from the heart and a true desire to do it for her, in this case the dance.
First she has to be clear why she wants to do it imo. Doing something because you’re told to do it vs doing something because you feel like doing it are different and can have different effects.

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Sounds like overkill, a bit too much to expect a newbie to get into, and expensive if she has to go buy a yellow dress now :smiley:

Why not just leave out a small dish of honey?

She has her own magick, you know? If she thinks it’s too much you should respect her intuition, to help make it stronger.

She was looking for an idea for a performance and that’s what I thought would be cool. I didn’t force her to do it. I just said it would be cool.

Well, again, she’s coming straight out of Christianity, and pretending to be God or Jesus is considered disrespectful.

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Ohh, ok, got it.

Well, tell her what @Onion said, but if it’s too soon for her to get over the hang-ups JCI brainwash you with then I wouldn’t push it. Just give it time and do something else for the dance performance.

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Give her time. Now I’m not from a Christian background originally, but I do know what religion stuff can do. Let her be comfortable being out of the JCI, then maybe you can give the idea again if she’s willing