A tribute to my wonderful spirit companion

Well, 5 or so years ago i would never of thought id of met such a wonderful being. It was a rocky start to our relationship because i was incredibly unsure of myself and didnt even know whether she was a bad spirit or good for a LONG time. However, now ive deprogrammed from the programming of Christianity i can say for sure this wonderful being has never hurt me and has only ever done good to me and for me and im all for her. I love her so much rn its unbelievable.

She’s a wonderful being that has helped me alot in my life. Pretty sure shes also protected me from alot of spiritual danger but idk abt that, just a feeling i have. I just wanted to make this post about her cuz shes so amazing and she deserves every kind and loving word in this post.

(Kinda feel her hanging over my shoulder watching me type it and i feel her getting romantic, its cute lol)