A tribute to an amazing relationship

To my queen who has vastly improved my life.

I can’t believe how well this is going. On the first day I attempted to sculpt her after two hours indamn near collapsed from exhaustion. Feel like a channeling was happening as it was 8pm.

Also I have never in my entire life sculpted anything so I give most of the credit to powers beyond myself. Not that it’s a master work but alsoit isn’t finished!
@succupedia thank you for starting us along the path with your help.


Well I think it’s a fantastic piece, you’ve clearly put your heart and soul into this


I believe she appreciates your art and dedication to her it’s really nice even though it’s not finished

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All these artwork posts lately are inspiring me to create my own too as offerings lol. Anyway.

Can’t help but smile as I examine the lovely sculpture. IDK about you, but your genuine emotions and efforts just seem to… shine through from it. Keep us updated when you finish this awesome piece, OP!

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