A treatise on the lbrp

*Below is a collection of notes I have compiled and arranged from my study and practice of Tiberius James’ method of the QC and the LBRP. Jimmy was gracious enough to give me permission to share his personal amalgamation of this ritual on this forum. Hope you enjoy!


Firstly, as EA says, banishing does not remove the energies around you, but it removes you from their observance. In theory, this is a good way of looking at banishing. In practise, it’s the opposite.

Because the energy doesn’t notice you any more, it means that it’s not influencing your environment, so in essence you’ve sent it away. It is a semantic difference, but it’s important to not view banishing as a means of controlling or forcing energy to leave, rather, you take yourself out of the equation so you’re not interacting with those energies anymore. Although they probably still exist in the same time and space as your environment, they’re on a different energetic signature, or however you want to put it, and don’t react or respond to your presence anymore.

Either way, banishing is a good way of clearing energy, but like most things, if you banish poorly, you end up with sub-standard results. Not critical, but it leads many people to say “this banishing stuff doesn’t work”. It does, but they’re not doing it properly.


My method is extremely easy, but different to anything you’ll come across. I’ve amalgamated several systems (mainly Crowley’s and EA’s), with a few twists of my own. It helps to have astral sight (i.e., to be able to sense energy even if you can’t visibly see it). You’ll know you have it when you “see” something that looks like an imaginative projection, but it’s not coming from your mind and seems to have a life of its own. If you don’t have this yet, my method will develop it (but the best way to get jump started is to take on the Works of Darkness exercises).

Firstly, breathe in and centre yourself as per normal. Stand with some space around you to cast a circle. I face east as per my tradition, and my circle is usually only 3 or 4 feet in diameter.

The idea that you can’t reach past the physical boundary is incorrect. Most systems have you create an egg shape from the circle which encompasses you anyhow, so the boundaries are arbitrary. The circle is not for protection, but for concentration. It is the centre of the universe and you are the engine which tips the scales about this fulcrum. Spirits cannot enter the circle, but not because it’s defensive, rather, it’s because it’s the centre of your universe, and anything which is not the centre cannot become the centre without displacing whatever it is inside. This is the symbolism of the circle. That said, if you extend your arm beyond the circle, you will feel it physically. Don’t worry too much, but for simplicity, don’t make it a habit.

As you breathe, imagine a ball of glowing light about the size of a basketball or smaller above your head. Size and distance are arbitrary, so just make it “right” to you. Colour is not arbitrary, but your mind will settle on a colour that is appropriate. Mine’s always purple. As you inhale, this ball of light shoots straight down into your heart chakra (my ball, by the way, looks like a spherical thunderstorm. it’s powerful, dynamic, and just rolls about its axis with flashes of lightning as it pleases. I just let it do what it wants).

As you exhale, push the light evenly from your heart chakra all throughout your body. Imagine it (more like feel it, really), spreading to your extremities. It’s okay if it’s sluggish, which you will find it may be depending on your diet and medications. Repeat, pushing more light, and when it reaches your extremities, keep doing it but feel the light glowing brighter within you (or, if not brighter, denser, thicker, or just “more” of it). Repeat until you feel powerful and godlike. You’re ready for anything at this point.

Now, imagine a white circle around you on the floor ( it can be hazy, misty, glowing, whatever) The visual is not important, just know that there is a circle around you. Breathe in once more, drawing more light, then point at the circle in front of you (right hand), and push energy with an exhalation towards it. The jet of light will tend to spin like a bullet as it travels. Mine spins clockwise as I’m looking at it, as it leaves my wand. If it spins, let it. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. I resisted the spinning for a long time and wondered why it wouldn’t behave the way I wanted it to. Once I let it spin, it acted like a vortex and drew energy by virtue of its motion. Oddly, the light I emit in this manner comes out as a nice glowing blue, as EA writes in Evoking Eternity, but colour is arbitrary at this point.

I turn on the spot clockwise until I return to the place I began. As the energy touches the outline of the white circle, it sparks like a welding torch (with 12" flames shooting straight up from the ground like lit gasoline). Energy used in this manner is not a sterile procedure. When you get better at sensing the astral, you will hear crackles and pops and whooshes from the energy fizzing around. You’ll be able to see how inexact casting a circle really is, and how much energy just explodes and spits against the walls and ceiling. If you can get to this point and use this much energy, you’re doing really well so don’t worry about the astral mess.

At this point, shut off the beam of energy, close your eyes and feel the circle now. Mine’s lightsaber blue and gently flaming. The flames are blue and kind of move like seaweed. Don’t force the vision, though. Just close your eyes, breathe in and out without visualising anything in particular, and just be receptive. You will be able to feel a kind of pressure or “heat” in the circle all around you. If you open your eyes at this point, looking at the circle, you might just be able to see it. In any case, you will be able to say precisely where it is on the floor, even if you can’t see it visibly. This is the basics of astral sight. When you get better at it, you will be able to see it moving, pulsing, flowing (the energy actually spins around the circle). As long as you can sense something, you can move on.

At this point though, I like to take a deep breath, and as I exhale, I imagine the entire circle flame up again from beneath (or within?) the floor where it lies. This sort of consolidates it for me and makes it “one piece”. If you imagine energy rising up from directly under the circle and feeding it on the exhale, you will likely be able to sense the speed and direction it’s rotating. You know this is “real” because you’re just feeding it energy, but you’re not controlling the rotation, which it’s doing all on its own.


Imagine your ball of light above you again(as in casting a circle exercise). Breathe in, then touch your forehead (third eye) with the first two fingers on your right hand and vibrate “Atoh”, with a blank mind. You will feel the gnosis come and go in a flash. It’s like the vibration reaches critical mass and suddenly all the energy is gone.

At this point (usually 2 or 3 seconds into the vibration), imagine a blue-white (mostly white) light strike the top of your head from above. If you pay attention, the beam comes in from the very edge of the universe above you. It ends in a sphere of light about 6" across, with half of the sphere above the floor and half below, with its centre under the arches of your feet. You will get a feel for where it should be pretty easily. For me, it’s kind of more like I’m standing on most of the sphere, and the top part doesn’t extend past the top of my foot at all. Adjust as you deem necessary, but wherever feels right is the correct spot. I also visualise the light as travelling at the speed of light. That is, it appears out of nowhere in a flash (at the correct point in the vibration), extending from the edge of the universe to the base chakra I’m standing on. I don’t actually see the light move. It simplifies visualisation.

Now, touch your chest at the level of the xiphoid sternum(bottom most point of the sternum). Some say touch your heart, but that doesn’t always work. It needs to be a little lower (try the first bony surface you come across just above the solar plexus. The solar plexus itself is too low). Inhale, and as you do, imagine a beam of light appear from below you to touch the base chakra you’re standing on. It comes in from the infinite edge of the universe. Now vibrate “Malkuth”. When you reach that point of gnosis, imagine that the “blockage” in the base chakra allows both beams of light to keep travelling up and down accordingly. The one coming up follows the path of the one coming down so they’re indistinguishable(yet separate in reality).

Breathe in again and imagine a light coming in from the right, to touch the skin of your right shoulder (I use my right thumb as it’s an awkward position). This chakra (and the one on the left) actually have their centres just below the skin, so a full half (or more) of the chakra extends laterally beyond the skin of the shoulder. You’ll get a feel for it. It almost “floats” off the side a little ways. It’s about 4" in diameter (the size of a regular orange). Exhale and vibrate “Ve-Geburah” and suddenly it’s passed through your body from shoulder to shoulder, and is now trying to move beyond the left-side chakra which looks just like the one on the right.

Inhale and imagine a light from the left touching the skin of your left shoulder. basically, the beam from the right is trying to get “out” of your skin on the left, and the light on the left is trying to get in. The chakra isn’t open to allow either, but when it is, it will allow both. Now exhale and vibrate “Ve-Gedulah”, and suddenly both beams simultaneously pass through into the infinite.

It’s useful to try and vibrate the chakras themselves. That is, when you vibrate, although you usually think of nothing, maybe “feed” the vibration to the chakra itself so it opens more easily. If not the chakra, then the body part (head, feet, shoulders) as this is easier to “feel” because it’s your astral self. The chakras will respond accordingly when vibrating. I notice that they become brighter and denser. If you notice this too, you’re on the right track, but you can’t force it with visualisation because it won’t work. Finally, at the point that they open, I hear something like a thunderclap in the astral. It’s distinct, but hard to describe. Eventually you’ll start hearing it too.

Now cross your arms (hands on opposite shoulders, over chest), lower your head a little and vibrate “Le-Alohm”, breathe in and imagine the cross growing a little brighter, then vibrate “Amen”. When you reach gnosis, imagine the heart chakra (the one you filled with purple light before) pushing energy (more like exploding) through the four arms of the cross. Allow this to happen naturally and don’t force the vision. From this point on, the cross only radiates energy from the heart centre. Energy doesn’t come in from the edges of the universe anymore, but instead flows out from you, solely.


For simplicity, included below is just one version of the phonetic pronunciations;

East: Yod-He-Vav-He
South: Aye-Don-Eye
West: Ee-Lo-Heem
North: Ah-Ga-Lah

To cast the circle, draw a large pentagram in front of you in the air where you are standing facing east. You probably won’t see it visually, but again, you will have an astral sense of where it is. It should be about 3 feet tall, its centre at heart level. Use long “brush” type strokes, starting from the bottom-left point. Always the bottom left point. Inhale on the upstroke (quickly and smoothly works best, so time it to a decent, relaxed breath). Exhale on the downstroke, then inhale from bottom right to top left, hold your breath as you go from top left to top right, then exhale from the top right to bottom left. when you connect the final line, I usually hear a “blorp” or something in the astral and the star becomes “one” piece and glows a little brighter.

Now, close your eyes, breathe in, step forward quickly with your left foot, stab the centre of the pentagram with both hands (two fingers pointing forward, or a wand or dagger in your right hand if you use one. Vibrate “Yod-He-Vav-He” with a blank mind. When you reach gnosis, you will see the star flash in your mind’s eye (the third eye). Step back quickly, breathe in, place your left finger over your lips (like “Shhhhh”) but leave your right hand extended. It doesn’t have to be “in” the pentagram or anything as this is all symbolic, not mechanical. The star will appear different (i.e., colour, vibration, etc) to your astral sight. This would not have happened if you tried to visualise it while vibrating as you’re anchoring the star to the astral. Now, it’s transmuted.

With your arm extended, turn slowly clockwise to the next compass point being south, lower your left arm to your side, and trace the next pentagram with the breathing pattern as before. Continue as with the first pentagram until you have done the four cardinal points and have returned to the one you started with being east. As you complete the circle, you can lower your arms.

To seal the circle (i.e., to “transition” from being able to say “it’s done”), do the following. Hold your arms out to your sides like a crucifix. Inhale and say, “Before me flames the pentagram, the star of force and fire”. Cross your arms over your chest with hands on opposite shoulders, inhale and say, “Within my breast, the six-rayed star” (at this point, it’s not uncommon for a hexagram within my heart chakra (about 6" diameter) to literally burst into life, coloured with golden light, spitting and crackling with energy. The sound is just like when you have gasoline or a load of natural gas (i.e., a stove) and you get that slow, heavy “vooooom!” when it ignites, followed by popping like a campfire. Raise your arms in a “V” shape (any angle that’s comfortable is fine), inhale and say, “Above my head, the infinite stars”. Hold your arms out like a cross again, inhale and say, “Every man and every woman is a star”.

Now, repeat the Qabbalistic Cross. I see the new beams of light sort of augmenting or adding to the ones already there, merging with them. Think of harmonics in music. The second Qabbalistic Cross I do is an “octave” above the first one, if you follow my analogy. In any case, just do it again, but you can “ignore” the cross of light that you’re sensing. It’s present, but we’re not doing anything with it.

The new cross is related to the hexagram, so pay attention to that (to whatever degree) when you perform the cross the second time. When you vibrate “Amen”, the light will have a gold tinge to it as the hexagram itself is projecting, and not just your heart chakra. The significance is that the hexagram represents (and embodies) the macrocosm of the planetary attributes while the pentagrams embody the balancing and cleansing of the four elemental quarters of the microcosm (Man). It’s balance within oneself more than in the environment, but having balance and control allows us to balance and control.


A quick word on the archangels… they’re fine to work with, but they elevate vibrations somewhat. The LBRP balances everything out, but the archangels introduce divine light. If you want to communicate with your higher self or find your HGA or whatever, sure, you need them and their vibrations.

If you want to work with elementals, planetary spirits, daemons, or anything that isn’t angelic (i.e., higher vibrations than Man), they tend to pull you away from where you need to be to communicate with these entities. That is, lower, more earthy vibrations closer to the physical plane. Not a bad thing, but unhelpful when working (especially) with daemons. The easiest thing to do is just not call upon them. Forget the archangels unless you want to work with their energies. It makes it easier and more efficient.

Any pitch voice is fine for the vibration. You’re trying to physically vibrate the “temple walls”, as it says in a book somewhere, but the “body is a temple”, so you want to feel it in your chest. Some say that you should feel the edges of the universe vibrating back, but “as above so below”. So, if you get yourself shaking pretty good, and you’re the centre of the universe (i.e., the circle), and it all lines up well enough, you may feel the universe vibrate back, but not until you’ve got yourself vibrating out, first.

Overall, when you charge the pentagrams, don’t bother with the visualisation. At the point where you vibrate “Yod-He-Vav-He” and so on, focus entirely on the sound and not the visual. Of course, draw the pentagram so you can see it in the astral, but vibrate in a state of gnosis or no-mind. The sound banishes even the astral construct of the pentagram itself, which it has to, as it’s an imperfect, human-created structure, and elevates it into a higher vibrational rate beyond that of normal human consciousness. I’ve had to figure this out on my own, but if you try and visualise the pentagram while you vibrate, you’re basically anchoring the construct to the astral, and thus, as the vibration is trying to clear this image and you start to wonder why it’s so difficult to vibrate and visualise at the same time, and why doing both makes either more difficult. If you let the visualisation go once you’ve drawn the star, then just vibrate with a brief moment of no-mind (which the sound will facilitate), when you open your eyes again (or just “come back” from the brief trance), you will find that the star looks quite different from how you made it, that it isn’t something that you actually made. It will have risen in vibration substantially.

Also, I’ve found that at some point during the LBRP, it’s important to imagine the hexagram in the heart chakra. I don’t know why, but it needs to be charged. I usually say “Within my breast, the six-rayed star” as per Crowley’s method.

After the LBRP you’ll find that the hexagram feels like a bullet-proof vest, that your physical body has become electrified somehow, and your mind is much more still. The environment will also feel very quiet and receptive (like a moonless night) and it’s this level of quiet that you’ll need in order to evoke properly. As you evoke a demon, the stillness persists but it becomes heavier, darker and colder (physically and astrally).

Evocation is easy, but getting to a point where you realise it’s easy is really hard. Once you’re ready to really get into evocation, I highly recommend sleep deprivation. It’s almost automatic. Make your sigil a few days before and either get up at around 6am and practice around midnight the same day, or just stay up overnight and practise after dark when it’s nice and quiet.


I found this too but the issue now is that fact has scared the heck out of me so I’m a little reluctant to try again!

Here is a blog post made by an ex-bishop discussing the origins and structure of the LBRP.