A topic to give Thanks to mod @lady_eva

(i dont know if this allowed do this, but cant help my self)

i want to open a topic to give thanks to the mod @lady_eva

she helped me in a major way.
if you want to give thanks to the volunteer mod @lady_eva you can do it here.


I think something like this already exist :man_shrugging:

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There is but I dont see nothing wrong with showing some more love :sparkling_heart:

Eva works super hard and where would this place be without her ?


should i delete this topic


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I wouldn’t if Eva wants to she can combine it with the already existing one.

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of course, thank you

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Never said it was wrong but there’s still a whole thread where everyone can post their praise to a member and what not. If there was something wrong I’d of said it but seeing as it’s a means of lessening spam threads it was a given to simply advice the individual where they can go.


yeah but that’s all members right?

Basically a thread where a member can post a thanks to Eva or others if they wanted.

ohh oke, i got you, i thought you ment random members with your second comment

There are a million threads on here. The guy wanted to say thank you. So what. Everything doesnt have to be kept in a certain file.

The guy wanted to say thanks. I simply said i didnt see anything wrong with the post. Not implying you were telling him it was wrong its a figure of speech. Excuse Me for not wording something to keep from stepping on someones toes.

Calm down, don’t turn this into something it’s not. You’re getting too involved in a simple statement. Relax and step back. This is by no means an attack or issue on them just a statement.

Thank you.

Oh hell no you started this when you wanted get butt hurt over me just telling the guy there was nothing wrong with his or her post.

It was never about you. I dont care what you think about his post because its his post.

I personally thought it was sweet and charming and just fine without having to be stuck in the appropriate place because gods knows we can’t have 2

can you tell me about 1.?

I don’t get butt hurt, please reread before projecting your feelings. Either way your view has been been noted and passed along.

I commented to the member before you tried to get caught up in yourself. I will from this point ignore any further post you have to me here to avoid further feeding you.

Thank you.

how did the haunted manifest? what you did as a banishing ?

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Wow full of yourself much… :joy:

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This whole post was butthurt

Yes I know ignoring me. Thats doesn’t mean I’m nit still here though. :sparkling_heart:

Let’s stop now, maybe? It’s nice to thank Lady Eva without an argument.