A topic to discuss, who is a hack?

So I’ve talked to people about EA Koetting because personally, I like him. Some things I don’t agree with and I see the online personality he puts on.

But he’s been called a Hack and I wanted to bring that up. Is there actually any proof he’s a hack? I see people praise him and some people hate him but is it just emotions or are their points for each?

I like his work and get good info from him but I’ve seen the magickal community really dislike him and I want to know why also the opposite, why do people like him?

Just something to discuss


Aleister Crowley was a hack, He took being doomed as the goddess Sita and turned it into a paying gig (homosexual and all), and the MajorArcanaUniverse is one hell of a tarot card / thoth head.


I haven’t heard anyone knock what E.A’s teaching or his gnosis. Marketing for sure, but that’s it

Jesus was called a Hack in his day even to the point of being crucified for it. And if that story isn’t true then there are countless others with the same theme.

Moral of the story is, if you believe it and your audience believes it and pays you for your time and effort you put in to them, then you are a religion.
If you don’t believe it but your audience does and pays you money for it you are a hack.
I believe EA and everyone here genuinely believes in what we do. I personally have had too many experiences to doubt, however I always maintain some healthy skepticism.


I agree. Keeping a good mental balance is always at the top of my list at the end of my day and through out my day


The rituals in his books work. The spirits come and do their tasks. If you slip into a light Alpha state, you can see the spirits around EA in his videos. Sometimes, I can even feel his power emanating from him while he speaks.

He is the real deal.

There is a lot of jealousy in the magical community for what EA has accomplished. This is evident by the number of people trying to emulate him. Jealousy breeds contempt and hatred. It’s like the people who come to this forum and want to curse rich people simply because they’re rich and the other is not.

They call him a hack because he has stripped ceremonial magick of all it’s pomp and grandeur. He has proven that all the long winded conjurations and purifications are completely unnecessary. He gives no grades or initiations, and freely hands out his hard earned knowledge.

He doesn’t represent himself as something he is not. I have never heard of him refer to himself by any grandiose titles like some on this forum give themselves. He freely admitted his drug addiction, and when he was arrested, he issued a public video about it. That is not the behavior of a hack.


Thanks for bringing this up. I too have heard and read different things about his work and product marketing - of which I’ve happily purchased a lot of. Keep it coming! I personally do not believe he is a hack. In my opinion his work reflects his beliefs and experiences, all of which I think he firmly believes in and stands behind.

This site, his courses, his videos, and his interviews all demonstrate to me that he is genuinely sincere as well as brave. What person would put themselves out there for ridicule if they weren’t 100% sure in what they believe. He’s more sincere and genuine than most of the televangelists on TV today begging for money to support their ministry so that they can reach people in a country on the other side of the world. I’m all for missionaries, including the missionary position, but EA’s work is designed for and reaches me! That’s what makes it personal and I love him for that.

Like televangelists, EA Koetting has a ministry too. One that is making a difference in the lives of those who believe and practice what he teaches. He has gone to great lengths and expense to make his message accessible to anyone seeking it. But just like any religion, movement, product, message, or Amway marketing pitch, it’s not meant for everyone. And there will be jealousy, envy, and attack from those who should just walk away and look elsewhere for what they seek. No harm no foul. One shouldn’t try to change the messenger just because they don’t like the message.

The biggest challenge for EA is not to prove his message. He’s already done that. His challenge is being able to rise above the condemnation, unbelief, and ridicule of the naysayers (for whom his message was not meant) so that he can stay on track and continue the path he was destined to walk. It can’t be easy being him.

He obviously has my full support!

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Some days my job pushes my mental balance to the tilting point. Some government jobs should come equipped with a Margarita machine!

The only measuring stick that matters.


Alot of people, myself included have gotten very good results with the work balg puts out so we stick to it. Others may not, there are alot of factors that can contribute to failed rituals. One of the biggest and most common reasons for newer practitioners is the lust for results which the “must have it now” attitude that is shoved down peoples skulls in alot of places doesn’t help.


Any well known public figure is going to have people who feel they have a problem with them. I’ve seen different reasons from very different types of people and usually it comes down to their own personal dogmas, and maybe they are frustrated by someone claiming such immense powers are possible or attained by someone they disagree with when they themselves don’t feel very powerful.

His products are a rip off imo. However, E.A. does light up the astral plane quite a bit.

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And there’s also people who feel entitled to someone else’s hard work. They don’t think he should make money off his information.

I haven’t read any Koetting at all, but this is the only occult community I’ve chanced across where the overwhelming majority of members hold him in high esteem and keep his ideas and works in the forefront of conversation.

Since I haven’t taken the time to delve into his works firsthand, bear in mind that I, personally, have formed no opinion of the man, his books, his praxis, or his teachings.

That said, the popular impressions of koetting amongst internet occultists in most communities I’ve chanced across are not favorable ones. Common criticisms center around the priciness of his works and courses, questionable historicity of his views on paganism and goetic entities, and alleged psychologistic and new age influences on his paradigm.

Really? I’ve gotten good results from them granted I was gifted the courses by a friend so the money didn’t come into play for me

I fucking love EA Koetting and his work. A couple of the other authors at BALG are total cunts from my experience, but still their work is legit. Most of them are kind and easy to talk to. JS Garrett is a great guy and I consider him a friend.
What I know is that they all believe in their work and the results speak for themselves. People have a problem with the prices or even with them charging money at all. To me it’s absurd to expect someone to spend years obtaining knowledge and developing a skill set, spend months on a book or video course, thousands on equipment, and hours doing rituals for other people’s benefit, and give it away for free. If you can’t come up with a few hundred dollars, then you need to dedicate some time learning money magick and getting your finances in order, because there’s not a single thing on the site that really costs that much. Besides, there’s a lot of free info given out.
Here are what I believe to be the main reasons people hate EA. 1) Indoctrination: Many “occultists” belong to orders, sects, and religious cults that teach things that contradict what Koetting teaches. They operate on the idea that they have secret info because they’ve been initiated and gone through grades and been given titles. Much of what EA puts out is the result of research and his own gnosis through working directly with spirits. The dogmatists and fundamentalists can’t accept that their fancy protocols are mostly fluff, new agers and snowflakes can’t accept that people like us summon demons and claim the LHP.
2) Jealousy: He’s had a lot of success bringing black magick out on front street, he’s very popular with LHP practitioners, and he makes a good living off this business. Rather than be happy to see a black magician live his dream and aspire to do the same, jealous losers call him a hack.
3) Entitlement: For whatever reason people think everyone owes them something and want everything handed to them for free. When a mechanic fixes my car for free and my doctor treats my illness for free, then we’ll talk. When you have specialized knowledge and skills and you perform a service or deliver a product, you get paid. That romanticized idea that “if it’s spiritual it should free” is just an excuse people use to not have to admit they’re shit with money and can’t afford it. Either that or it’s an idea carried over from monotheistic upbringing. For thousands of years shamans, medicine men and women, and witches have been paid for services.
4) Misinformation and Ignorance: This is self-explanatory. People get their knowledge of the occult from movies, shitty books for armchair occults and rebellious teenagers written by people with names like Snowflake Ravenshit or Rainbows Lovegood. If they don’t have any real understanding of magick, they’ll watch EA channel Belial and go “wtf it’s just a shirtless guy sitting in a red circle mumbling a bunch of hogwash”