A tip for beginners

Hi beginners,

I think for 2 years now I’m reading getting info, now joining this forum. And I must say these last months (including this forum) I really learn much more than in the beginning. I even get some light results.

My problems, third eye, meditation. But then I saw this channel explaining in steps how to make your ritual based on New Avatar Power:

I’ve noticed there are results (when I read about it) but you have to put many days of work into it. Just what I need to get me started. Practice, practice and practice.

So the results in this videos are not important. It is the practice. By doing this you learn to meditate, invoke, creating your own rituals. So I see a lot of people struggling with meditation. Try this.
Follow the steps (including banishing). Print out, write down the incantations. Work on your daily notes and it will help you start with magick. Improvise and focus on your goal.

My lesson here. Just do it! If you do it, you start thinking of other rituals by using the basic and replace it with evocation with a sigil for example.

Take care!


I like Frater X better at Mystery School, where this guy learned a lot of his stuff. But he is good to. I follow them both.


Got him to @serpens_album , thanks for your reply.

This one is good too:


Actually, now that I think about it the guys website is better than the Youtube Channel.


I love the site - it’s a really good compendium and resource BUT I am a little annoyed wearing my IP hat that he ignores referencing and citing his sources which will make things interesting as I read he is planning to release a book.

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@HermesHorse Well, a lot of the chants are written by himself I belive. There is a lot of copied ONA and Qliphothic material on there (though that often if not always seems to have original sources cited).


Yes, those may be his own work, but anything which is copied verbatim from other sources has to be cited or referenced. I’ve seen lots of sites where they’ve taken content from say Littledoomwitch or tarrdaniel and then repackaged it with very slight tweaks as their own and without referencing the source.

That may be naughty but if it is then used in a publication without referencing the original source then things start getting messy from a legal standpoint.

@HermesHorse It is cited though as far as I am aware.

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That’s the Source List for one article.


I stand corrected - I must be having a moment…

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Thanks @TheStorm I didn’t have his YouTube or site. New information. Always welcome!

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