A thread for links

the entire purpose of this thread is to post links that you think that other magicians would find interesting, useful, or entertaining. it makes more sense than constantly starting new threads for interesting links.



Here’s one I’ve been using alot lately:


Site with a plethora of archived grimoires, texts, etc, complete with a search function. Makes finding sigals a snap.


Icarus, what’s your experience with abrahadabra’s site? I’ve been there, but I had a bit of a hard time with getting any practical info outside of just scrying it (the TwinStar). You ever use the Twinstar for anything?

At any rate, some links that can be pretty useful:

Goetia Girls: http://www.goetia-girls.com/

Posted this site a few times before, but even if you never try this shit… it’s at least entertaining because it’s a pretty vivid way of displaying the shamanic art-form here.

Rawn Clark’s Bardon Companion Site: http://www.abardoncompanion.de/

For anyone who has been interested or into the Bardonian practice of magic, this site can be pretty helpful. It’s Rawn Clark’s main website, and contains a great deal of Clark’s work which deals with his expanded journeys and practices with Bardonian magick. He has free downloads for damn near all of his publications, so it can be worth a look.

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One of the old links threads, has a lot of great stuff:


I just joined, so my experience is limited. From what I have seen they have some useful information on the site, though I can see where a lot of people would have trouble deciphering it for their own use. in a way it’s like a geekish version of BALG. the ideas I have seen sound great in concept, yet I haven’t had a chance to apply them to my own workings(yet being the key word.)

I did something similar to goetia girls a while back, using Frog’la’tasch(please forgive me if I butchered that, but I don’t have the BoA on hand). a powerful experience to say the least, and she manifested the opportunity, though admitted afterwards that it’s an option that I really didn’t want to take. I talked to the girl, figured wasn’t worth my time and opted to friendzone myself.

Don’t forget Uncle Chuckie…



T/G sync anyone?