A thought on Divination with Tarot; Greatness

I have had a minor epiphany just now. As I was reading through the last Tarot seance I performed, I was given a lot of answers straight away. That was on the 24th. Now, well, first, I gotta say that writing it all down makes a HUGE difference when looking for questions one may have or just to refer to at some point in the future, but to the point, I opened up my notes, and BAM, there is was: my “aha moment”. Reading through it I gained insight that not only does the Tarot bring answers to questions when performing the ritual, but it also reflects what circumstances surrounding, in this case me, is or are going on.

The words nearly leapt off the page, and that was just the significator! Man, strong insight is a powerful thing to have to understand the way things are The layout I use is what I call “Koetting’s Inverted Cross”. I saw him in a video do a layout in this fashion and man is it a great tool!

BTW- did anyone see the Youtube video E.A post last night? I dunno if it has been upo before or if its brand new, but based on how he looked and his hair length (I see people’s features in a funny way don’t I/ I mean the things I notice?) Any way, it was obvious he was in some great pain, and mulling over goodness vs GREATNESS. My empathic self could feel the torment within him and if by chance he or any you who saw it, I just want to send out my best wishes for strength for him. Embarking on the path to GREATNESS can not be anything less than treacherous to say the very least as treachery is everywhere. So I support him and I think we all should keep his struggles, both now and up coming in the forefront of our minds. With out him, there would be no BALG. Tim, you too! And Lady Eva, I hope you agree as well.

Never quit E.A.!

For those of you practicing divination using the Tarot, best of luck, and WRITE EVERY FUCKING THING DOWN AND KEEP IT!


Just FYI, on the subject of Tarot I mentioned in the first paragraph, what i was meaning to say that the notes I took revealed more about circumstances within my sphere of influence and the people I know… it’s pretty cool, too!