A Thought about the devel of Consciousness (a poss part of Sorcerous-Development

One way of thinking (an approach) is that developing-Con is a process of Becoming More Alive (and Aware); and thus should be experienced, over time, as a greater sense of Awareness (of what is occurring) as well as noticeably Increasing Aliveness/Vitality.. in all senses).

Part of this is how this is evaluated, perhaps just making it something to notice vs deleted... and if so, one's methods-techniques can be judged by if you are seeing gain<?>
 -Thus whether one is able to influence the World, one's circumstances, or if one is trying to "learn" the sub-culture-tradition (terms and concepts) of a particular method-group), or any specific affect/manifestation of espirit-weirdness (Vision or Evoked-Presence).. whatever..    
 does one sense More?  (etc.  in all senses that might mean).. and more than just gradually, but significantly?  

(a system that focuses upon this can show distinct beneficial-results, but the trick is “glass-ceilings” from lack of foundation, or Going-Back-To-the-DrawingBoard… rewiring/re-boot)


Separate from this (an offshoot, but an optional one) is the development of “Mind” in the sense of -more space- and -greater sharpness- Understanding its self (understanding of understanding-Itself, the in the same fdbk sense of Awareness of awareness-Itself)… ie as a result of practices (espec Occult-devel, but even just living, career- etc), can one grasp the same perceptions and UnderStandings as they used to (let alone less?), or is it perceptually increasing?

  perhaps even- on your "off-days" when you are paying less attention do you have a higher level of cognition (ability to follow&episte) at, or beyond, what you Used to have when you tried?

[as mentioned above, this is clearly optional, as not a focus-choice in most ideas of development]

        Compare this to the idea of being able to Focus-Flow Energy: able to not only conduit-channel more E, but at ease now compared to the efforting you used to need (just like in the development of any Skill).

-but not referencing Energy-flow in a nerve-felt/visual-experienced sense of the body, nor even of the actual-underlying Body-Energy-flows… but the structures&currents that Support and Shape your Mind… and how they act

<nimble-ness, and most of all Size....    compare to Encounter with certain Entity-Beings that more than anything give a sense of Power from their very Presence- the Size of their Mind&Being in action-involvement>.