A thing that made my astral sense of spiritual communication grow

So we all know that to communicate with spirits you have to meditate and trust yourself
But I did All these and had no much of an effect

But I founded my solution
Which is have a clearer mind
Yeah meditation can help with that
But what about thought clarity,
Its difficult to describe it but my thoughts are not clear I mostly feel them like clouds of fogginess
Since spirits can talk with thoughts what about clarifying them to have clearer communication

So here what I did

Stopped being on electronic devices so much because they make your mind blank which you cannot communicate clearer
And started…
Reading books
What ever book
It made my mind clearer and benefited from the first week
Becuase that clears the mind and it makes it sharp thus make you better at communication

That’s the post for today
I am a bit exhausted today but I wanted to share this post


so we should read any book before trying to meditate?

The reason why that works is that many of us are mentally fogged by doubts and thoughts of trying too Hard on this,

By reading books, you can Focus better on your inner internal dialoque and making it clearer,

The Inner dialoque, is a part of the magical imagination which is like the mental verbal translator of spiritual rounds and worlds.


Ok I’ll read a book before I meditate to attempt to enter theta state so I can attempt to communicate with spirits.