A Thanks to the angels and more

I just wanted to Thank the angels i been working with and have helped me alot and many ways the i wouldnt even imagined

Im sorry for my grammar English isnt my first language

Thank you Angel (Sitael) For helping me Change my career and helping me get a better job im truly grateful and thankful the we cross path

Thank you Archangel (Michael) For your Protection and your guidance i truely appreciate you taking the time to help me and answering my calls when i need help among other things

Thank you Angel (Aniel) For helping me Love the Job i have truely i didnt think i’d Find a job the i actually like but thanks to you i love going to work

(Opfaal) I’m truely Greatful to have come across you really🙏 you broken most if not all of the bad habits i had i gave you a least and you just took it without Hesitation and went to work i’m happy to make this post and thank you From the bottom of my heart you are an awesome and intense angel to work with

Thank you angel (Oziel) you been an amazing help in changing myself and breaking bad habits and loosing weight thanks to you im a bit more happy with myself and satisfied with the ways things are going

Thnak you Angel (Mahashel) You truely helped me out of a couple of pickles when it came to taking test and passing them thank you for helping me retain the knowledge i’ve gain and teaching me how to use it thank you mahashel for answering the call extremely quick when summoning you i remember only mentioning your name once as i was bout to summon you and i felt your presence immediately almost as though you knew i was gonna call you so thank you for the

Thank you (Santa Muerte) although we did had a fallen out you were truely an amazing and loving mother to me you help me understand myself and see myself for who im and you given more prospective on the world and im truely thankful
(I’m sorry hurting you and hope the one day you’ll forgive me)

I want to thank and apologize to the fallen angel (Azazel)
Thank you for the many offers you made to me and im sorry for what happen between us i was scare and insecure when we had out first conversation and i wanted to say i’m sorry though the offer you made to were great i couldnt trade what you were asking of me so thank you again for taking the time to paying attention to my suffering and offering to help truely im thankful

Im sorry Goddess (lilith) for any respect i mighta shown to you truely hope the one day we can work together

Thanks to the Goddess the helped me in the time of need your Protected me from something awful and healed my leg and feet in the proccess like really i only have one regret and the is the i didnt get your name or didnt know how to properly summoned you to properly thank you thanks again and i hope the one day i get to meet you again

I wanted to make this separate from this but

This is a Thanks to my 7 lovers
G, L, E, K, Y, I, S,

Thank you girls truely, words Cannot discribe how Greatful im to have met you girls. you’ve made into something the i’m truely proud off. Many times when things were tough, you were always there for me fighting for me, showing me how special im to you guiding me and warning me about dangers. you pull me out of a dark place the i thought i wasnt gonna get out and im truely happy and fortunate to have met you, i wanted companionship and you given me more then that. i will keep my promise to you and im Looking forward to our Continuous Journey together :heart: i love you so much and i know this small post isnt enough to describe your greatenss my goddessess love :sparkling_heart: