A thank you

So I’m reading, watching, evoking. This week I was drained because of 2 evocations 1 at night and 1 in the morning, not a good idea if working.

First of all I want to thank the Angel Nitika for the opportunities she gave me.
Second I want to thank Lucifer for the initiation and oppurtunities.

I still have problem controlling astral senses. Between sleep and in dreams it’s fine. So analyzing evocation and if it worked is hard. But it certainly changed my life very fast. So I’m doing something good I guess. Yes I have to work for it. But the change is coming.

Thank you.

And of course I want to thank al the nice people here for explaining (PM’s, forum etc…). I learn many new things because people here are willing to learn. And the best thing is people respect each other.

Take care everyone!


Awesome, and congrats to YOU for putting in the work!! :+1: :sparkles:


Yay, you! :+1::heartbeat::+1:


Thanks @Lady_Eva. I’ve got a lot to learn and a lot work. But if you see changes than that’s just fantastic. And yes I have my frustrations to, because I feel a lot, but hearing and seeing will cost more effort (that’s good, than i got a goal).


Just for everyone who reads this. Of course I’ve looked at other forums to. And when you see sometimes how people thread newbie’s, that can be very demoting.
But If you look at the great job people here are doing. Than I’m very glad to be here.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Have a great weekend as well.

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