A Thank you to Duke Aim

I’d like to start off this post by thanking Duke Aim for helping me create a new song !! I’ve made music with him before and he’s very passionate in helping you create and as well as helping diminish any blockages that are hindering you from creating . The song I made is very fire filled, the energy is dark and uplifting . Took about two days to work with him , write and record the song ( one note I want to add is that My crown charka was buzzing very heavy yesterday when I first started getting into making music with him. He’s very active , and if you call him for endeavors of anything artistic , make sure you come to work… because he is and wants to see you do the same. Don’t sit around waiting for things to fall in your lap when creating with him --it’s a give and take sort of thing. Writing this for other artists on the forum. Feeling stuck ?? DUKE AIM IS YOUR GUY!!! Told Duke aim I’d make him a post, Hope this helps anyone , feel free to ask questions with anything art and occult related as ive worked with dozens of spirits with art and music !! Hail Duke Aim !! Hope everyone is doing good