A thank you to Andromalius

Just acknowledging the work he’s been doing, and continues to do in my life. Punishing somebody for underhanded doings.

So far, this person has had a bad car wreck, gotten seriously ill, and recently their mother had a heart attack.

This person has even told me that their life feels like a series of unfortunate events as of late.

I will not lift the curse, I don’t even remember the wording I used, and I honestly don’t care.

Never piss off a black magician. Hail to the dark ones.


Hail to the dark ones!


A small update on this. I just had a meeting that the targets were supposed to attend. The person in question couldn’t make it to the meeting because a family member had to be hospitalized.

As I said in the meeting. “That woman’s just had a really bad string of luck, hasn’t she?”

I barely managed to suppress the smile.

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You got that right, or else wild fury will be unleashed!!! :100:

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