A terrible dream

So what I can recall is driving fast through the streets. I come to a bridge over water. The guy next to me pulls the wheel and we end up missing the bridge and diving head first into the water.

The next thing I know, I’m walking through the entrance to my community college. I see the lounge area, My dad is pulling on the arm of a slot machine, getting really excited. I swear, he’s not a gambler. I see that there’s this event in the school. A school dance, maybe? I peer through several rooms to see kids dancing. But something’s not the same. They take each other to the side and are literally having sex. I’m feeling anxious. However, I’m also enraged. I can hear in my head the guitar riff from Children of Bodom’s song, Hate Me. I see over a girl lying face down in bra and panties. No one else. She’s all alone. I go over and talk to her. I say “hey.” She replies “Hey” but turns her head away. I’m angry, but I take the hint and run. I can still hear the song, Hate Me, in my head. I run out the doors. I find out there are other dance rooms littered across the school. And in each, kids are having sex. I’m scared, frightened, but oh so angry. I will myself awake, back to boring normal life.

Are you frustrated about sex or are you maybe too aggressive on sex or maybe want to be?
Usually as you drive your car connects to your drive in sex
the school dreams usually tells you something is not solved or coming back (a lesson of that age)
now someone else made you “drown” into the river not you (getting into water is symbol of emotional cleanse)
your father is representative authority and protection and it was “taking risks”

Has your sex life gone wrong for something that happened to you on school?
are you feeling sadist or masochist in sex maybe?

anyway if you want more depth in your dream I suggest


If you are feeling sado-masochist needs, they usually starts with some punishment related to sex
maybe your parents discovering some sex act and punishing you for it
if you had something like this, then this the dream is clearly reviving that situation so you get more comfortable and start deal with it


There is no sex life at all.

you might try some magic way to get that sorted out, if it is an issue bothering you
cause as the song said
maybe you are “hating” yourself for this