A-Team Evocations

I was just thinking about after completing the ten books I just got, to treat each one as a grimoire, and get to evoking everyone. After these ten, Im going to start with Summoning Spirits, Aspects of Evocation, Koetting sigils, Testament of Solomon, on up to actual grimoires and encyclopedias of angels and demons.
I may even go through cliff cotes mythology books, necronomicon, deities and demigods as well.

But, what if from these you evoked an A-Team for a specific purpose/category?
Just as someone pointed out in a recent post, asking which spirits would be best for 4 points/categories, and as we have 4 directions, etc; at each cardinal direction open the gates in the name of that spirit, and have an evocation triangle and seal set at each point, and do the evocation of that spirit with a petition.
So lets say someone would need a ritual done, for say a friend injured in a car accident from a drunk driver:
Category 1: Healing - like a medic and surgery team
Category 2: PR/Damage Control - like a PR team
Category 3: Litigation - the legal team
Category 4: Justice/Avenging to Atonement - like four mob heavies or two pair of good cop bad cop
Category 5: Money, Rest and Relaxation - exactly four for that.

So each Category you would evoke four demons, and or 4 angels. So you would have evoked 20 demons and or angels.

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Aren’t you kind of putting the cart before the horse?

You’re putting yourself back into the same cycle you were previously trapped in, worrying about lists of correspondences, and other unimportant things.

Focus on one system, and one system only, and get some results under your belt, before making up categories and trying to shoe horn spirits into it.


Future plans…I get your points though and agree.

I think that’s your problem. You shouldn’t be worrying about “the future.”

Focus on the present, and getting magick to work for you. Until you get some success under your belt, all this other stuff is pointless, and just a distraction.


“Tomorrow never comes”.

You also might change these plans when you start practicing, making this a waste of effort.

Pick who you’re going to evoke today, and a time to start preparing, and run with it.


Per the pertinent thread, going with Bune, have the statement ready, and memorizing some details. Tomorrow morning I evoke him.


Best advice I have ever seen. I wish I had taken it a few years ago when I started down this path. Now I have tons of book with so much information and magicakal systems that it makes things so confusing when try to juggle multiple at once.