A talking moon

A few years ago I walked from town to town to visit a girl every day (yea pussy whipped) now the road I was walking on had no street lights and no cars at night. One time about one AM I walked that road and three guys approached me demanding my shit took it and sliced me twice across the stomach with a carpet knife. When they where gone I screamed in rage to satan to bring them back my way and I will handle the rest. I kept walking that road and after a week of nothing as I stepped out of my girls house also at 1 AM I looked up at the moon and it was as if the moon told me shit was coming (spidy sense) so I walked back into the house got a knife and left. At the same spot the same guys tried to rob me again and I handled my business. Satan listens. I don’t say much here so I thought I’d share a bit of what I can

Ohh, fucking nice man!