A talk I had about Aphrodite

So I was discussing the topic of Aphrodite with someone. She described the goddess of beauty as “being laid back.” I’ve talked to her briefly several times with my pendulum. She came off as if I was kinda annoying her.

My friend said I should compliment her. I, however, responded with…

I was joking, but in my experiences with Aphrodite, she comes off as little more than you’re average female celebrity. I explain to her what I consider “A Guy’s Perspective.”

I first compare the average man and woman by how each gender perceives a member of the opposite gender hitting on them. I said “To a man, its an opportunity to a possible relationship (or whatever). To a woman, its usually an annoyance.” I say that the average female gets 3x the messages from the opposite gender than the average male. I then go into sexual harassment and assault. For a man to be accused of sexual harassment, he must make undesired advances. For assault, undesired contact. For a woman to be accused of either, she’s gotta go pretty far. This is the difference between men and woman when it comes to “The Art of Courting.” As for this “Guy’s Perspective”, its not a declaration of male ego, but a simple call for acknowledgment on the difficulty when it comes to communicating with women. I understand that “no one owes me sex,” but it seems like a lose lose situation when it comes to just being around them. All I, and many other guys, just want is to be able to attract (worthwhile) woman WHILE being respectful and honest about ourselves and not having to resort to tricks, deception, and toxic male aggression.

Dating would be a lot easier if I (a male with attraction difficulty) would be approached by women as opposed to having to do the approaching myself, which in today’s mixed up world I can’t really do anyway without being taken as an annoyance. But, that’s very rare, and the girl has to know you for a while or know of you (I.E. you have to be established). So girls usually don’t approach out of the blue.

So for me, a single guy, to approach Aphrodite with hope she’ll help me achieve a relationship, it feels no different than me, the same single guy struggling with finding a relationship, approaching Ariana Grande. I worry that I am perceived as inferior, that I am simply dismissed, or even taken advantage of. I contact her with my pendulum because I’m hoping for some positive outcome. However, it always feels like she’s thinking “Ugh, its him.”

My friend said “She’s a goddess.” And I reply “And a woman.” After all, Greek gods were especially very human. When I consider magic to find a girl friend, or whatever, Both she and Freyja pop into my mind. And Freyja basically reacts the same way to me. I asked the pendulum if she’s with me, and it said no. I ask about Thor, Odin, even her brother Freyjr, and it says yes. The only difference is that two years ago, I actually tried calling on Freyja. I did prayers, offerings, invocations, and still nothing. I eventually decided to take a hint and go.

Why she pops into my head, idk.

Seems to me you would be better asking a male god instead. Try Eros/Cupid or any other male love deity.


I’m looking for a god (or goddess) with a sympathetic side, one who gets the dating difficulty, and isn’t blindly being showered with praise and luxury just for being pretty.

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The first that come to mind for me is La Sirine and Bosou, Erzulie Dantor as well. A lot of Demons are more sympathetic towards humans as well and are willing to help in these situations.

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The problem I see personally is that Aphrodite is a female. Your whole post says so. You can’t know how each deity will act unless you work with them.
That’s why I’m pointing you towards male gods. I think you will feel way more comfortable talking about dating difficulties with a “bro”.

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Sometimes other “Bros” are partially the problem, if not a majority. Men are expected to be strong and successful. Whether or not that success should come with principles, men who succeed at any cost (I.E. tricks, deception, or toxic aggression) are still held higher than men who aren’t successful but do not resort to these things. I even get fussy with the “Fake it till you make it” or “Act like you’re not interested” tactics because I still consider them deceptive. Some gods (primarily war gods), tend to have this sort of traditional masculine view point, which can be very close minded.

Emm… From a human perspective. Gods are not the same. What’s the point to be a god of successfulness and scold the human who asked your help because he’s not already successful?

I’m not talking about war gods, I’m talking about love/lust gods. That’s why I gave you the link.

I think that both gender deities could teach you a lot of things, first of all to be more open minded. Not to place all women in one pot and all men in another. But if you have difficulties opening up to a spirit, then probably you should try out planetary magick or/and glam spells.


I feel you. Imo, you should look into the spirits that truly resonate with you. Often times we venture out of our current to seek help from spirits that aren’t close to us. Nothing wrong with tapping into other currents, but we shouldn’t dismiss spirts who are closest to us and already have reasons to give a damn about us and our problems. I suggest you set an intent and then vibrate the names of spirits from your current, take a look at their sigils. Those that give you positive feedback are the ones you should consider. If you feel nothing or negative feedback (like discomfort) then move on. Good luck.

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