A symbol that almost drove me insane


I have no prior experience on handling sigils or entities for that matter. So I don’t know how this ties into all this.


Just a small observation.

Check if the moon was void of course or full during this time.

The planets you mentioned, check their position at the point this was dictated.

Let me know what comes up.You will discover a lot of clues.

After scrying into the sigil I also feel you should generate a chart of your progressed planets ( not the natal chart)

Have a good look and you will find wisdom in the signals and signs being channeled to you.


When I stared into it, the shapes and lines merged, and formed new things. First, I saw a three-dimensional sphere that took up most of the sigil. Then, the sphere unfolded, and it became a tree… Like a dark tree of life, where the roots were as long as the branches were. Then, the tree split and a line from the tree started to form a spiral, and the spiral became a circle, and when I looked into the circle, I saw an eye looking back at me.


The way the shapes moved around reminded me of how the gears in a clock move, or a locking mechanism. And the eye that was looking back at me was definitely … odd. But I did not sense a malevolent presence. Rather, it was mysterious and unknown, and seemed curious about me, too.


Thanks for sharing. That thing is definitely interesting. I feel energized, and my movements seem to slither more than usual now.


This is intriguing more of a puzzle, I see several alchemical symbols, elements, and equations. What did this patron say it was for by chance? I think with a little study this could be deciphered there is a lot of familiarity


@C.Kendall I actually saved this it’s bothering me the more I look at it seems like I know it


Haha I know what you mean see I was given this to decipher my patron wouldn’t tell me what it is


So I’m a fan of history as well as the writing, should a became an archeologist lol but I compared the symbols and it actually does seem like a formula to make something. A couple of the symbols seem religious in some manner (maybe) but the rest looks like aramaic mixed with old Chinese or japanese.

When I see it I don’t see peculiar things or hear things, but it does look like an equation for some solution. Thanks for showing this I enjoyed learning the older languages. It hurts my head to think about.

But again I could be wrong I’m just an amateur and everyone interprets things differently.

Last thought… what’s the patron`s name by chance?


Ak’anak he’s a demonic being, he is a merged spirit he is eight spirits in unison, those spirits are lucifer, Azazel, Lilith, Abaddon, amaymon, belial, King Paimon and Leviathan


Dude, that’s the Black Cube opened and unfolded…


What is the significance of the black cube? I tried a Google search and didn’t get much useful detail.


Use the search bar of this forum and search by the key word black cube of saturn. Interesting info incoming


When I was looking at it I felt my eye moving up as others have said but what I got from it was you have to fight it and look at it. @C.Kendall you have worked through BMOA yes? This reminds me of (and forgive me for the poor spelling) “Arezura” you will have to work on handling it but it can be done. I also felt a pressure on my head to turning it to the right. If I am wrong please correct me but this is what I got.


I’m normally a very chaotic thinker. There is always a through running through my head, even during times where I’m trying to keep everything quiet. Gazing at the spot directly in the center of the image instantly silenced everything upstairs and a slight pressure around the third eye area. No feelings whatsoever outside of calm and strength. I’d like to experiment more with this.


definitely felt heavy, like a pressure in front of me over my chest the air felt thick and somewhat difficult to breath. The black cube looks like something I’d spend days on end deciphering, will definitely look more into this!


As a guy that has no problems jeopardizing my sanity, I found the symbol to be very interesting. However, seeing as how I still have to drive home, I’ll take a closer look at it whenever I get off the road.


Personally from me. I found my heart chakra go cold or the general sternum area the whole chest and I started physically shaking from my hands and my body started to rock uncontrollably. Definitely has some possession qualities. The four spheres have these wavy lines that are directionally perpendicular to each other, and my mind itself didn’t hear voices per se. Not in a loud sense but this sigil has possession written all over it. The inner spheres have degrees written on them. I felt my spiritual body rock from my physical body like tearing two people apart. That’s my first clue to this sigil


Ya, definitely some strong energies and vibrations I’m getting from it… My mind felt very clouded and pressured, and tingling sensations down the spine… Will Def look some more into this when the environment around me is a bit more placid than it is today… But, whatever it is… It’s powerful.