A symbol that almost drove me insane


This symbol I channeled by my demonic patron, when I was given the Symbol I scryed into it, voices of other languages echoed through my mind, my body began shaking I became very cold, all I could decipher from it was fire and air creating a unstoppable force. Saturn, Venus, the moon and the sun aligning flowing their currents in unison. Along with 16 demonic signs that radiate some ancient force, as well as unique magick symbols heptagtam, inverted pentagram, hexagram and Octagram.

As well as some numerology and other symbols I can’t decipher. This symbol I got told was of great importance but the channeling of this symbol and staring upon it made me go into a state of mania.

It was very VERY chaotic, I was given a incantation to say while scrying into it to unleash its power.

I didn’t get the chance to ask what this symbol is even for, but it’s extremely powerful and very strange any thoughts.


Cool :3
~Its chaotic, crazy and probably dangerous for a noob like me,
but i’ll use it anyway! °~:kissing_closed_eyes:~°


I got a kind of electrical feeling, a “sound” like large metal items scraping against each other or creaking, followed by a chill in my sternum looking at it. Dunno what that means, sharing fwiw!

(Oddly, not going to pursue this further right now, need sanity to cook Sunday roast. :wink: )


Haha I also need my sanity my Sunday coffee


And i need my sanity to know that i’m partly crazy :joy:


You mean… like this?

or this:


I find it very alluring…:drooling_face:


Oh my, I would die on so many levels. If I woke up in the Silen Hill universe tomorrow.


With enough guns and ammo -and some wifi could i enjoy it, probably.

~But really: Wait until you find the demonic possessed nurses, covered in blood :wink:


I can’t wait to fell the nurses cold skin!:heart_eyes:


Combo of 4 different entities fighting against each other for control over the sigil an you who do not work together very well is very ruff physically and mentally for someone who has not built up a relationship with each of them individually


That was weird i looked at it and instantly something i want to say told me what are you doing? No bad.


What do you mean ?


It was like dont look at that i dont know how to explain it my eyes got averted


Ah right yes I know what you mean alluring but some what with a forbidden vibe


The feeling I got off of it was like a heavy pressure, think tectonic plates grinding against each other


I got the same feeling the tectonic plates. Like a rippling effect and also when I looked on the right side instantly The image became like…waves? Rippling? Very interesting. If you can direct that energy can be very powerful for baneful magic. My opinion.


“And the four corners of the Earth trembled with their very footsteps, acceding dominion to the Old Masters, and still the ground whispers.”


This is very weird… I was gazing into that Sigil and my region above my eyes felt like something was drilling into it. And the more I gazed the more intense the sigil became and I started to hear fain whispers🤔

This is a first.


Intriguing :thinking: