A summary regarding my thoughts on using magick to get a girlfriend

Like many of us on here, I struggle to meet girls. Sure, I could conjure a spirit or cast a spell to solve this issue. In fact, this weekend I plan on doing so as an experiment. However, to me, obtaining anything is a process. It’s about figuring out how this process works and taking steps to go through it. Magick doesn’t remove the process so that you can skip ahead. But it can help move the process along and into your favor.

In a previous comment on a post, I related it to playing a trading card game. If you’re using a preconstructed deck that you don’t know how to play against several people with decks that they’ve built themselves, no spell can help you. You have to make an effort to learn how to play your own deck and edit it yourself. Then, with magick, you’ll stand a better chance.

In ways of finding a girlfriend, I’ve also said in a previous post that I’d rather the girls come to me instead of me going to them. I get how unrealistic this may sound, but hear me out. I feel as if, in the attraction stage, the qualities that girls/women are attracted to all involve the man not needing them. As in, the more you try to impress them or get their attention, the less likely you are to succeeding. Unless you’re in a Hallmark movie. Ideally, the act of impressing women should be a byproduct of something else entirely. So, it’s the need for a relationship that makes men less attractive. But when they just stop needing it, focus on what they enjoy doing, and get one’s work/skill noticed, they may get what they want.

Course, it’s never THAT easy. There’s still lots of things to think about. In my case, part of the problem is a lack of appropriate girls to date. Because I live in a small farming town, and that my college has more early college students, I’m around more teens than I am actual college students. And with those who are college students, people here tend to marry really young. That’s not my goal at all.

I do have access to a local city where there are clubs and bars with people more around my desired demographic. Though the problem there transforms from me not being in the right place to me not knowing how to navigate the environments I want to be in. So, I end up going to the occasional strip club or titty bar to practice how I talk to women. There are some who go to game stores, but I do not hit on women there. Most go with boyfriends, and overall, that’s not why they’re there.

Like I said, I COULD just summon a spirit for this purpose. However, at that point I have two choices. Either let them be in charge of the process, and take whatever they give me. Or take an active role in making these decisions and have the spirit take care of the finer details. I’m more into the second option.

Overall, I won’t be meeting girls by doing what I’m currently doing. I need to expand my narrow list of interests. This will not only expand my social outlets, but also might help refine me into someone more attractive. I don’t admit this too much, but I’m not that bad to look at. In my current state, I’m kinda chubby, suffer from acme, have no fashion sense, and my hair is long and rather awkward. I admit to being awkward to look at, but with some refining, I can look pretty good. But refining myself will involve trying new things.

This coming Wednesday, after a Spanish test, the folks will take the dog to see a relative. I’ll have the rest of the day to myself, so I’ve decided to go to the city. I’ve found a skate park and skate shop in the area, so I’m considering checking it out. I plan on transferring to a school over there, so I might decide to skate there. I’ve always had some curiosity to skate boarding, but never had the courage or place to do it. I might be able to meet some girls there, but that should be the last thing on my mind.

As long as I maintain a “I’m not here to meet girls” mentality, work on myself and my passions, and use magick to fill out the smaller details, I think I’ll be fine. Though, the closer I get to a sense of personal security and accomplishment, I think I’ll become more active in attraction based magick, once I become someone, physically and emotionally, that I think is attractive.

You could use the Law of Assumption and assume the state of someone to whom women are attracted. It might take a while for the assumption to sink into your subconscious, but eventually, you will find more women approaching you to start conversations, and even randomly touching you.

Affirm everyday when you look in the mirror that women are attracted to you, and hit on you everywhere you go. Feel it as being true, and it will become your reality.

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In my experience was purify,get something tat can be easy to do such a pray every Friday, for a number,3,5,7,9.etc,then the candle,incense,and the method which can be talisman ,put love oils,etc and which spirt,planet to use,and how to address them.easy,? Not really,some sat demons,others angels and most planets rulers such Venus,mars,etc.amd finally be seen , walking shopping, working cafe shops etc it’s something outher for you.

I’m just going to be honest about this. Work on getting money. Seriously, I don’t think this is brought up enough. On sugar dating sites its the MEN that get their boxes over flowing not the women.

Any other dating app it’s women’s choice. Like fairly attractive guys barely pull.

Building your wealth magic will help with other issues as well.

The modern dating scene is a nightmare and daymare.

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I’m just gonna offer my experience. I worked with spirits (in this case goetics) and did some basic sympathetic magick for different things related to the matter. I approached this in 2 main ways.

First was working on myself: I worked out and asked for help with progress and motivation. In your case consider losing weight, getting a treatment for acne and adjusting your appearance (clothes, hair, etc).

The second was being open to opportunity: I asked for help with pushing things around so that I will meet someone that would be “right” for me and would be a potential match. Think of it like nudging probabilities and the cogs of the universe so that things align eventually. Of course this is useless unless you take active steps to put yourself out there. I went out every weekend to a nice pub with friends. I didn’t actively look for dates and didn’t aggressively flirt or w.e with any woman but instead just had fun, socialised with random new people of both sexes and let things flow. Generally the more desperate, pushy and “thirsty” you are the worse it goes. Just have fun and be open without forcing things.

Eventually options presented themselves and I managed to find someone that is a pretty good fit for me (including practicing magick and sharing most hobbies and activities). And again, don’t be too desperate or pushy, just approach new women like you would any normal person. Talk, make jokes, have fun and if things click go for it. The more relaxed you are about it the better it goes.

So yea, improve yourself, go out of the house and do stuff, be relaxed, use magick to boost your chances and results and just go with the flow.


Screw online dating, go old school. People’s perspectives are super warped by online dating. And imo scoring cause some chick wants you to be her sugar daddy or wants your money just feels disgusting to me. I’d rather be alone than have my partner be with me for that shit or be that kind of person. People need to remember how to form healthy social relationships (of all kinds) and go out there and live. None of that shopping list online bullshit is worth the trouble. Go to pubs, go join a social club (I mean shit like book club), go to a dog park if you got a dog, volunteer, etc. Plenty of activities in real life you can take part in that let you meet people and form all sorts of relationships.

Just my opinion and experience.


This isn’t my personal opinion. It’s from different sources about online dating i have read about.

Just giving some thought and different perspective

There is zero wrong with two consenting adults forming any type relationship even one based on financial interests.

At least it is a lot more transparency then your vanilla type of relationship. Plenty of sugar relationships last and end up in marriage

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Eh, whatever floats your boat and makes you happy, I suppose.

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The number 1 problem in relationships is money. You expect this extraordinary person just to walk into your life? What do you have to offer them that will make their life better?

Nothing is FREE. I don’t understand why openly talking about money and honestly from the START telling people you might have a future home with what you have to offer them and what your future plans/needs are.

We all have billz, food and etc.

That fucking excuse of love and because it’s not romantic. Barf. Grow up. Adulthood is making sure your household and your family is taken care of.

Making sure you don’t waste your time on losers and creeps.

Making sure your future other half has got their own shit together and you two lives if ever leads to long term your a properly working unit.

Working with Lucifer as helped me to see a lot of how things actually work. Reality isn’t sexy, but making sure all of your bills are paid (on time) and you have fully stocked pantry is.

Who warms your bed with can and will determine the quality of your life every.single.day.

I say all this to give o.p. to think about for their future

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I a pretty sure you are right.
Money is god in this matrix filled world.

But, I think that other person talking about banging not love or whatever they gave name to their sexual desire.

Todays love word is used to hide sexual desires for each other.
Everyone use it even I also Use this word.

So, yes money is king money is god
Love and shit is just and desire for longing or you feel lonely or just horney.
Or you are loser from inside so you need comfort from other.
Many things but not love
Please no one is child anymore to believe in
Free stuff or any fairy tale.

You are missing my point entirely.

Working with some spirits and they will drag out the truth of your reality. Whatever that may be.

Figure out what exactly you want in a mate. Get the most honest about yourself, your desires and needs.

Don’t sugar coat it either.

Then go out and get it.

My suggestion of money is just looking out or its, for just one aspect of protecting your 6th.

Having a detailed life plan is a possibility for allowing spirits to help you?

I can only speak from my own experience.

Dating or looking for human companionship is a huge piece of one’s puzzle

Or choosing not either… :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

If I were to have met with the target recently? As in to keep the image of them fresh in my mind.

I have moved this post in here as it shears to be acontinuation on a theme… Please keep all your posts red the same topic together to help us keep the forum tidy. Thanks!

Like I said, whatever floats your boat. I don’t want this thread to devolve into an off topic discussion which is why I won’t continue after this post.

Money is obviously needed and no one said it’s not a factor or you don’t care about it, bills, food or w.e. I was just saying I don’t want to start a relationship based on sugar anyone. You said it yourself: what does she have to offer me? Sex? I can get that easily. I don’t need a dead weight or some gold digger. It goes both ways, you know. We both need to have our shit together, be adults, have careers and take care of our family. I don’t wanna waste my time on losers and shallow idiots either.

All my long term relationship were well adjusted women with careers of their own. I want a compatible mate in the same social class, not some gold digging halfwit that wants a sugar relationship. It’s fully possible to find partners based on their quality as a person and based on mutual attraction, and I’ve done it. And none were found online.

Again, nothing wrong with money or wanting more. I just don’t like the sort of person you’re describing and I don’t need any of that shit in my life. It’s a partnership, not me carrying someone in exchange for some physical intimacy I can get anyways. I want a quality person with something real to offer. Otherwise it’s a waste of my time and resources.

I didn’t mention love before but there is such a thing as emotional attachment and other things called “love” and it’s fully in the realm of possibility to find someone that you have feelings for and it’s got nothing to do with maturity. Everything I’m saying is from experience. I’m not single and my relationship (and the ones before) started in the real world and is based on mutual care and similar lifestyles and interests. We also both knew what each is doing professionally and about our means. And neither expects the other to carry. Dating shouldn’t be a nightmare, it should be something that makes your life a bit more fulfilling.

Now, like I promised, this will be my last response cause I doubt it’s constructive and we probably won’t change each others mind and that’s fine. You do you, friend. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

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This is completely a broke and poor man’s mentality right here.

Women are the ones 80% seek divorce for valid reasons. 90% with higher education.

A lot of sugarbabies are well educated, perfectly dress and manner ladies. They most certainly know their worth.

Sugar relationships or the like are the most honest relationships in my opinion.

A true rich and powerful men don’t slander women or put them down for seeking ways to better their lifes. And they don’t worry about so called gold diggers and men who use such terms 99% dont even have any gold to dig for.

A truely rich man respects women with kind words, kind thoughts and feelings. For all women, and not just the ones he can gain something either be it sex or whatnot.

That’s what i was taught by Lucifer himself.

Worth goes both ways, respect goes both ways, slander goes both ways, expectations go both ways. The “honest” relationships you talk about are also shallow. Practice what you preach instead of writing theoretical beliefs (that you treat as an absolute truth) and fan fiction. I found what I’m looking for and live/have what I preach. Do you?

Have a good day.

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I am :100: honest in my expectations. You hide yours.

Poor males that demand women to work then complain about the lack of sex and them not being feminine.

Of course women are tired and don’t want you touching them.

Weak males can’t provide for their women to relax in their feminine nature and create the home life many males claim they want, but unwilling to actually create it.

My spiritual relationship is extremely much more fulfilling and actually healing for me then i could probably ever find with a current human male. Someone that is patient, kind and firm when need be. He gives me the space i need as well. He actually gives me encouragement. He tells me I am the crown jewel and deserve everything life as to offer me.

Who is your spiritual partner?
Lucifer if you don’t mind to tell.

And I don’t and nor will reply your answers as they are above me.
I mean i don’t even understand what are you talking?
Weak man feminine women and bunch of shit.

If lucifer is who taught this, man
He is right on his own.
But this thing are shallow everywhere.
Physical or spiritual.

Ask him if I am wrong but i dont think i am.