A Summary of (Easy) Essentials

“This is the way the world ends,
Not with a bang, but a whimper.”

Essentially, My Work is done and speeding up.

I have ample supplies of tobacco (in various forms), tea, coffee, caffeine tablets, top shelf sipping alcohols and what Crowley referred to in Chapter 177 of Liber Aleph vel CXI . I am preparing for my earlier than expected death. There’ll be no return to ‘normal’, because Covid will never die. (I’m still awaiting the isolation of the Covid-19 pathogen. What does that mean?)

I’ve posted several times about stocking up on essentials, so I’ll save you. That stated, I doff my hat to the rhp Magicians who have so skillfully brought about what is unfolding – credit where credit is due. At fifty-eight years of age, I figure that I’ve had the best, so I’m happy to leave you younger ones with the rest. Originally and as a young Magician, I did what I could to stop what is happening; but you live, learn and adapt.

Always remember, if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it correctly! Go for cheap Magick as opposed to all the complicated expense. If you can only practice Magick in your temple, you’re not much of a Magician. Learn banishing until you feel the energy movement, practice, then learn evoking. These two exercises should take several months constant work and are worth all the effort. Learn how to gather and direct energies: search Elhaz.

Keep a Magickal Journal. Make yourself some 100% natural (including twine) chanting beads. Drilled stones or wood are both great. If you keep at it you’ll learn what chanting can do – if not, you’ll have some jewellery. Hunt around now for natural incenses where you live – leaves, barks and flowers – because it may be good knowledge to have.

Finally, the real left-hand path is inherently brutal – but there are so many of them and so very few of us that I am forced to wish you all the very best and every success in what is coming. And in the northern hemisphere, autumn and winter are coming!

Frater C.L.