A strange negative result to a love spell

So Hi everyone, this is a great forum, and I would like to know about your opinion concerning a very strange result on my love spell.

Last night, I did a love spill with sitri for a stubborn guy that’s causing me a strange type of unnatural desire (I am attracted to him all of a sudden out of nowhere, can’t think of anyone but him), he, however ignores me completely, they are a close friend of our family, I couldn’t find the source of attraction, he looks normal and boring, but all of a sudden I have a strong desire towards him! The type of desire that makes you angry!

So I did the the spell, I felt the energy shift in the room, and I could clearly see him in my mind eye, everything went alright…

Today, we had a family gathering, and this person was there, and all of sudden, my parents starting screaming at me back in the kitchen (he could hear everything and the way my parents were wording their rant were clearly directed not at me but in such a way that it seems like they were directed towards this guy to cause him to hate me further or make me appear small next to him!!!), they rambled how I am unfit for love, and that I’ve lost my mind! (they were angry over a petty matter that occurred when I was in the kitchen), the way they blown out the problem out of proportion was obviously the effect of my spell, and it made him basically see me as someone who unfit for a attention even!!, the spell had the opposite result, not only that, but my parents have gone crazy out of nowhere, I could sense demonic forces talking through them…

What would be the reason ? ( the wording and intention were right).


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I feel like there may be more information needed here for a proper assessment.

How’s your relationship with your parents?

What’s the family dynamic?

Kinda seems like you were shown how your parents are blocking you (possibly).

Have they been like this to you in the past?

You may need to evaluate how you may or may not have internalized such attitudes…

My thinking is that a spotlight got shown on them and it brought out attitudes they have about you, maybe.

Could it be they tell this friend of the family things that put you in a bad light? (And you might’ve been previously unaware?)


This might be true, at key moments of my life, I often clashed with them preventing me from moving into “the next step”, so to speak, but why?

So the spirit of sitri exposed their feelings? and therefore, showed me why I am not getting the result in the first place?

This is a possibility (to consider), yes.

You’ll have to figure that out.

Are they insecure about you somehow?

Does it come from a fear of you leaving or something? (I’m just spitballing here)

Maybe they themselves aren’t entirely conscious of where these feelings come from.

In which case you’re seeing their unconscious impulses and hangups…

@crookedpathfinder knocked it out the park. There is nothing more for me to add on that aspect.

He may have cast a love spell on you first, it sounds like you are okay with this since you cast a complimentary spell of you own.

Do a honey jar spell for them but in the meantime, freeze them. How else are they sabotaging your life? They could be affecting your education/career aspects, ability to travel, friendships, etc in addition to your love life. Sweeten them up to you to change their perception of you. But until then, shut them up.

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Thank you both for your insights, it really gave me another perspective!

I like the honey jar idea, I’ll give it a go, and update you with the results!

Peace :slight_smile:

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