A strange experience with Lucifer

I tell you a strange experience with lucifer. About two nights ago, I lay down on my bed and talked to Lucifer. I asked him to open the portals and allow me to have an experience outside of my body. I accidentally fell asleep, I dreamed strange things but nothing out of this world. In the middle of the dream I felt a total and abrupt detachment from my physical body and I saw myself sitting in my bed on my body and blinded by the tiny light of my split. In complete silence I tried to move and I could not, I felt confused and I guess the situation led me to return to my physical body abruptly, when I woke up I felt my body about to explode with so much energy. Someone had a similar experience with Lucifer ?


You probably gotta train your astral muscles so you can actually move around in the astral.

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my first “out body” experience is with god Hades
and then there is blue lighting struck into my forehead