A story of a powerful binding on a psychopathy of a roomate

A story of a working a friend of mine and I did to a toxic roomate using me, manipulating me, trying to intimidate me, mooching of me etc. He was also possibly sending negative shit my friends way and talked down on him. Anyways it was the hour of Saturn on the day of mars I had some magic mushrooms my roomate gave to me I wasnt gonna take, a shirt he gave to me, his full name, red and black yarn, a white candle, some 5 red tea lantern candles, paper, tape and my friend had some nails as well as something for burning things in.

We made the doll, put some of my blood on the red yarn, opened with the LBRP, called fourth the powers of sayurn in that hour of mars put the doll in between the red candles, invoked him into it, bound him with the red yarn with my blood on it, and the black yarn asking for him to be bound, unable harm not either of us, those we love and the ones we love love, tucked his right? Hand behind his head, set that on fire asking harm him not unless necessary and if necessary to be done swiftly and without mercy. We put that inside the shirt, bound that and put a nail through it rapped in the last if the black yarn, and it went right through where his heart should be. We closed with the lbrp, took that along with the candles to the cemetery not far from my apartment and burried it under a tree. Did not look back and left as mu friend said as this feeling of peace came over us “there is peace in death”. After that we went by my place my roomate awoke to me leaving and locked the door telling me to sit down or had sit my ass down from that point he went in with his rant about a previous situation where I called him in his bs threat and to make sure I couldnt move in with a friend in another state etc etc. Legally my friend couldve came in and killed him because of his threats but I left to find my friend waiting outside and we rolled out. From here he is moved out and has tried to sway a friend against me but is unable too. He is having his own life issues I will not go into. He no longer fucks with me. This has got to be the most intense powerful working I’ve ever done. Please excuse my poor dyslexic english