A spirit visited me

Hi everyone .
I have been a while since I started being here guys I have been learning and calling different demons and ask them to appear in my dreams.
Yesterday evening I took time to invoke Sal’sash I lighted a white candle I had two piece of papers one with sigil drawn by using blue pen and another one writen my desire I took sometime to to pray and ask him to come the sigil was charged and I even shared my testimony here yesterday but before calling him I use to call different demons like. Lucifer, Azazel,Bune and clauneck but I never use my blood like how I did yesterday.
After night came I wasn’t feeling like sleeping I was awake after having some losses in my trading accounts but my mind and brain was blaming myself for not sticking to the plans that I made and jump in to greedy.
In time like 3Am I was still awake but it happen like a unknown power forced me to sleep for a sometimes while I wasn’t even ready to sleep then I saw somene came in the image a short person sitting on top of me I was little scared and I started calling names and I said devil then I remembered that I was supposed to have a visitor but I couldn’t remember the name salashash and I was not even sure if is salashash or another spirit but I started praying and ask him to solve my situation without explaining what situation exactly ,my mouth was very heavy to say words but he was not happy he was seem to have a very serious face .and before I started thanking him he disappeared and I was forcing myself to wake-up once I finish I couldn’t sleep anymore until now and I’m now having hope that may be i they accepted my prayers or they got mad at me that’s why I saw the face that don’t have a smile or normal face on .
Please what should I do .the thing that I’m happy is that I’m not scared like before even if I was shocked because the feeling was like I was under arrest with something very powerful and I can’t even speak well .
I wish I could know exactly who came btn those demons that I have been calling and how to call him again it was wonderful experience and I want to hear him telling me anything.

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hiii i fw the energyyyy .

first , to call a demon again, just use their sigil and call their enn . or perform a ritual .

but , this is completely normal , especially after these kind of pacts . you’ll just experience a draining of energy and after the ritual things will seem weird , but it’s just your desire manifesting into reality. your reality was changed. let it happen. act as if it already did , and leave it , completely , up to the demon whom you made the pact with . but , i wouldn’t ask multiple demons for the same desire , if that’s what you did . that’s just you overthinking that you won’t get it and that’s making it impossibleeee to get in your mind. your mindset needs to be shifted. manifest your reality. what you want is already yours. what do you want to do now ? continue living your life . eliminate worry as overthinking can change your reality :warning:. watch your thoughts . everything is okay

@iitrista thank you alot

oh courseee