A spirit that has appeared through magick but wont show itself

So this is an interesting one but for a few months now I seem to have had some form of entity appear in my home. It appears usually at corner of your eyes you see it near door ways or stud as a black shadow that if you look to it will shoot off quickly. You see the light change as if someone is stud around or if you close your eyes during invocation of power etc you will feel its presence stud around and see movement of the shadowing through your closed eyes until you open your eyes and its gone. It is strong enough where banishing rituals will not touch it but I do not believe its anything negative to be fair and I think it helps with my magick or a byproduct of it so the intent behind the banishing is not against it anyway.

It is interesting though as you can hear movements in the house, walking, shuffling, its turned the electric fire on, closed doors, at one point mimicked my voice to a family member while I was in ritual to say I would be coming down shortly… Now its becoming more in my normal vision instead of my outside vision. I see it stud around when reading about magick or studying it. I have had two closer instances now where I saw a brown mist near my altar and then move quickly as I concentrated on it and go near my computer where it appeared like the screen was bending as if looking through heat where you see things wiggle through it. Another thing it does is appear like flashes of light or things will go brighter and then as you look its gone.

My issue is I have no clue who or what it is. I have tried invoking it forward, asking for its name, visions or to tell me via dream of who it is but nothing. I also have noticed it never likes to be seen it likes to watch you but only if it appears outside of normal vision. It is powerful enough to affect physical reality and manifest itself to an extent but its confusing not knowing what it is.

Any ideas or things similar people have witnessed like this around their magick?

I have a feeling it influences my magick to an extent as I do receive weird symbology in trance that is like old language etc or sigils that will appear randomly but I have had no luck with invoking the sigils at all where I can sense something is coming through, it doesnt help that I have no clairvoyance really but I must have something to see these things but its not just me seeing them its everyone haha!

Based on how clear the manifestations are, it sounds like it’s aware of the limits of your perception and it simply doesn’t want to have a real conversation yet. It’s not scaring you, but the things it’s doing freak out normies. Maybe it’s malicious, wanted to feed and is now confused as to why you’re not acting like others.

Me being the suspicious type, at this point I’d start to feel disrespected, it’s not cool to come into my space like a tourist and watch without having the courtesy to at least speak when spoken to. I’d say it’s been given every chance to explain itself and it’s time to banish it. It can behave better next time if it wants to communicate in good faith.


Possiblly its very interested in my magick study, my computer for instance is on wall which leads to my door and as I read my kindle books or this forum or make talismans I see the shadow stud at the door and look you see it move off to bathroom area quick I just say I have seen you. It is possible its down to that where these weird sigils and symbols are coming from that pop into my head randomly, they do work well also strangely enough minus the sigils as I have no clue for what they are but the language I have put into talismans that work well. I will try again today in asking it specifically to give me a result for something and or show me. I have a feeling it may be a Djinn possibly.

I thought parasitic spirits usually have no power to cause physical movements in our reality and only feed off the energy etc?

Could it be possible that my vision is slowly aligning up and it appears to go but its maybe my brain filtering it out possibly? I hear you see things more to the edge of your vision at first. Like you say though its a strange thing not to tell me who it is…

Parasites are varied. Lumping together as a single entity type isn’t remotely accurate. Their behavior is where they get that name, not their energy type.

It could be phasing out and back in immediately after you banish the space.

This term gets used a few ways, depending on the group and their definition. This is a spirit to evoke into a triangle, so it can’t flee, then banish. Or search the forum for a good spirit to remove this pest.


I agree, but, why should that be your problem? It’s still being very rude while it invades your home. (Is there a way to do that politely anyway? :joy: ) You wouldn’t put up with this from a human, so why would you from a spirit?

Yeah it needs to earn it’s keep and give you a reason to let it stay, while maintaining a non harmful presence for you and your household.

Well, being parasitic isn’t a type of spirit, it’s a behaviour. Any spirit can act parasitically, including humans. Most astral parasites are more like wildlife, but taking energy is a good baneful tactic too. An example of a spirit that can drain you to cause physical manifestations is poltergeists. I’m not sure there’s a limit to the combinations on intents and activity, there’s just what’s common.

Possibly, but as you say, as a mage you have more tools and have given it the opportunity. If it’s a Djinn, if it wanted to it could have got the message through. Do you normally have issues getting information from entities you evoke?

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Yes sadly I have no ability as of yet to feel, hear or see them. I may get like a slight change of atmosphere or candles go strange etc but nothing major. This is the first to actually start progressively showing itself. The only one time I ever saw a full manifestation was when a family member was going down hill in depression and hearing voices etc and the atmosphere was awful in the house we all felt drained. One night I was listening to alpha wave binural beats and had my eyes closed. I opened them and saw a women stud at bottom of my bed with black eyes and pale white skin smirking at me I shot out of my room in shock. Cleansed the house with sage for 3 days and it went back to normal. This one on the other hand doesn’t feel negative at all its not giving no bad vibes or draining anyone etc I think its more me not being able to commune with it. It is possible its trying to talk to me with visions of symbols but its hard to say. Though either my ability is growing or its growing where I can see it better and without actually moving out of the way as quick as usual. I will put up an image or two of some things I have randomly pop in my head symbol wise. Dream wise I struggle recalling sadly so its a hit and miss.

One dream I did have once I do believe was djinn based I was sat on a field and 3 black cars where driving up toward me and as each drove past slowly all people in cars looked my way. They stopped and out came all these beautiful girls, stunning, all wearing very skimpy black outfits and each had blond hair I believe. Left one car with one girl and two guys in black wearing black sunglasses reminded me of Mrr Smith from matrix haha. I got in and they drove and we seemed to be on a mountain range full of snow and driving down this ice road. The girl said are you ready watch this and the guys laughed and the car slid down going toward this cliff edge. The guys started saying we are going to die and just as we got to it they turned and we got control and they all laughed. It was various situations of trying to see if I got scared but I held my ground. The girl got friendlier and I have no clue what we talked about now sadly. But she went to kiss me and I felt stubble as I moved away she was then a guy who got out the car and came back again in black suit. I then woke up! was very peculiar. I think it was like a test of sorts.

Now I had a real life experience of something slightly peculiar recently. Me and my friends where out drinking and pulled into our town as we walked from car park to this dark road with no lights a lad was walking towards us who appeared drunk and we had a little chat told us its dead etc and he came from this bar. We thought nothing of it he walked off from where we came and we went down, only bar was closed and so we carried on walking down street to cash point a 5 minute walk in opposite direction to where we started and no cars driving around, very quiet. As we got to cash machine the lad who was walking out of the dark was walking up toward us… completely in the opposite direction, impossible to get there so fast. We all just went quiet looking at him. I asked how the heck did you do that he smiled and said its magick, he never did tell us. But as we left him at the machine to walk back up toward where we came from as we got to the top this very same lad was sat in black car and again had beat us, we walked in road so no cars past us. Throughout the night this lad was always near by but never was with anyone nor did he get anymore drunk or less. It freaked us all out. If connected I have no clue.

I will try asking it to do something that I want and see and give it an option of either showing itself or politely leaving.

Here are two sigils I had pop in my head randomly drawn down to best of how I saw them and then one I put on computer.

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Ah ok. So do you banish after you have summoned, or give license to depart? Could this be someone you called and is still around? How are you doing your summoning or invoking, is it possible you have bound it to the house?

Interesting dream with the men in black! Very cool. I might have missed a bit: what links it to this shadow presence? I’m wondering if it’s a shadow person, as they may be aliens, and aliens are very connected to the men in black. They often appear physically and warn people off ufo cases, and they can wipe memories.

I sounds like a great ghost story. :slight_smile: It’s a very strong ghost if so. Unless there was some kind of wind in the road and he could take a shortcut, I can’t think of a reason why someone living would just walk up and down a dark road with everything shut. Be out stargazing, hunting, visiting, sure. And staying the same drunkenness over what, a couple of hours? I guess it’s doable if he had unabsorbed liquor in his stomach. There’s an osmosis thing that happens where you have to drink more water to let it through and you can get drunker again. And your body only clears 1 unit per hour. But yeah that’s weird.

:+1: Sounds sensible. The sigils are interesting, you could try evoking with those and see if you recognise the feeling of it’s presence.

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I always make my own circles for containment open for confining the energy and consecrating space then call upon the entities I want to work with, give license to depart and after an hour or before I go sleep I banish and do a banishing in morning also, use Damon Brands sword banishing with a slight difference of Metatron being the light from above and adding a small mantra bit in of what I want clearing etc. Wear a protection talisman on me at all times more or less and have them binded to my home to. Always very dubious of making sure every door open is closed in ritual.

Yes the dream one was very peculiar and very much acted like the djinn in how they are described I thought I wonder if its them testing me or this entity was testing me, it was very surreal.

Weirdly for that guy it was a good 5 minutes walk from where he was to get to the cash point and looking on maps it was impossible as no other roads got to that point strangely enough but he soon spoke more sober as he laughed telling us it was good wasnt it and was magick how he got there so fast. I was amazed by it. Very much by himself though no one would talk to him, you just would see him always near by you walking around even my friends noticed he was hovering about us no matter our location. What it was I have no clue, hopefully something good haha.

I will give it another go, try get into a deeper trance and see if I can open them seals. The cross embellishments I made fancier as in my head they looked like a basic line through other. These would simply flash in my mind for a few minutes so would have to run quick and draw them as best as I could before they go. They never seemed to correspond to anything though that I was doing or thinking as such. Not sure if you feel anything from them if you have good senses to see or not but I may give it another go tonight.

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Bottom line here this is an uninvited spirit in your home that’s refusing to answer when asked what it is and what it’s purpose is.

I’m with @Mulberry banish it and move on.


Right to give this spirit a chance of telling me what it is, as it obviously has given plenty of signs of being here etc. What should I do to try get contact? more so with not having much in the way of clairvoyance, clairaudio or anything like that? Do I light a candle, burn incense and just call on the spirits within the house to come forward like below.

Oh spirit within this home come forth
I call you forth and summon you unto me
Oh spirit hear me by the power of the most high IAO, Elohim, EL
I command you to give your name or a sign of who you are
Come forth and show me a sign that you can hear me
Show me who I am talking with

Something a long those lines? for someone with no psychic skill like myself what would I look out for if positive? Like I say some of the magick I have performed with this around has been very quick and powerful so dont want to banish it if helping as such a rock and a hard place this is. In saying this it does not respond at all to banishing, ie it will be around before and after without any affect.

My banishing goes like below if of interest, from sword banishing by Damon.

I see a light above me and say I call upon Metatron from above, a ball of light comes forth down and through me to my heart and shrinks to a confined light of energy there.

I call in Yohach then Kalach as stated and visualize them with the swords coming out as described and feel the protection.

Look to the heart where the ball of light is and say Natzariel then Oziel and see the light shoot out and expand around me and through me. Imagine all in a bright divine light radiating. Then state below.

I banish all negative energies
I banish all negative spirits and evil spirits
I banish all spirits not called upon or working for me
I banish all evil influences
I banish all negative energy from others
I banish and cleanse my body and the surrounding area removing all negative energy and purifying and cleansing my body and this space and all within with pure divine light and power.
I replace all stagnant energy with new divine energy and power and empower this space with divine power to empower me and all that I do.
I banish all negative thoughts and emotions
I banish all negative people that may try to harm me or my family
I and my home are protected.
I then see light fade out and the angels fade with it.

First sigil seem to point to a collective of parasitic entities. Various types of entities and they aren’t homogenous. A few felt like they had other skills and I felt that those entities had become part of this collective for security or survival. I knew I was not seeing all of the members there and they weren’t interested in chatting. Some were a bit fearful that I had called. They did have the audacity to ask about a payment for their coming, so I reminded them that they’re all leaving with their lives and I hadn’t bound any of them.

Second seemed to be a shadow type of being. Felt more bestial than human and didn’t feel like it had even been human. He was less reserved about being called than the group. Any other skills he may have are dwarfed by those parasitic ones.

Just my impressions. I had to cut the grass (allergic) and have some Benadryl going, but those things seemed pretty clear for me.

The second seems to point to a specific entity


Yes the second is an actual seal done in Goetic style. Whose though…?

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Not found any goetics with that seal from my searching sadly it was something that popped in my head very vividly one day and I never have managed to do much with it sadly.

Norse, what sort of abilities would you say those entities have? and any sort of name given at all or names? or where they may be from?

Do you see these by looking into the sigil or do a ritual to call it up etc?

Interesting for the second one would you say its quite powerful or old at all? I had a name once I wrote down but for what I have no clue which was Jibros.

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I didn’t look at their abilities or anything, as I was just trying to determine threat levels. They don’t really interest me much.

I opened the sigil and called them forth.

Was only looking at threat. I didn’t find it to be presenting as anything interesting at all. Having dealt with Shadow People a fair amount, it seemed to be a run-of-the-mill shadow type. Could be how they were presenting, but seemed typical to me.

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Interesting so do you just use a generic call like I call forth any spirits connected to this seal etc etc? What sort of threat level did you sense anything unusual or just a standard shadow type being? something I have not looked into much shadow beings was looking at obtaining the Shadownomicon book but have yet to do so.

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The more he’s fed, the larger of a threat he becomes. It’s their way.

I’ve done so many, that I don’t use a more formalized system at this point. I would stick to one of the more formalized systems until you get more experience.

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