A spirit is angry at me

So last night on july 2nd, 2018 i was speaking to the spirits around me. Paticularly to demons and all of a sudden i saw a physical manifestation of a face in front of mine. It was a glimpse but it looked like the disturbed album cover with the song “down with the sickness” simply because i stated it is wasting its time on me trying to distract me from a greater purpose.

Has anyone come across such an entity. I know the script’ is short but im not one for dottling on.

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Did you catch its name?

Yeah, I remeber some moments similar to your situation, when I was meditating and random spirits tried to fuck with me by pressuring me with fear and sending different grotesque images of themselves in my mind.

To cope with situations like that, I usually imagine making a lick on its ugly face’s nose (or wherever it is possible) and saying something like “Love you, you lil shit :3”. Nasty мудак usually vanishes right after the moment of this.

But when such an intruder only tries harder to scare the shit out of me, I stand up and call it to fight me like " C’mon, try to hit me! I am fuckin’ invincible! ". Guess what, it works without a hitch, whoever was trying to interrupt my meditation always falls back after this.

I believe spirits like this prey upon our fears.

Maybe something of this would help you


Spirits like that are referred to as shadows. Preying on your fears but this is something different. Preying on past desires to stop my ascent. Honestly i havent progressed and i journal all my progress on here

No. Just its face