A spirit for strongly help bone diseases?

To be honest i have a progressive problem of kyphosis for years and stupid doctors say is all “keep exercising to stop its progression”. There has been no visible improvement for years and I am officially on my way to undergoing surgery like a sacrificial sheep. Isn’t there a really strong healing spirit that can do more than just make me feel good? Some angels and demons and etc. I have tried them.


Don’t expect to wake up with your problem completely gone just because you asked a spirit. That’s not how it works. The energy needs a way into your physical body and a condition that has built up in your body during a long time will most likely not disappear within one day.
However, you can make your exercises more successful by working with a spirit at the same time. Or you can make surgery successful.

Don’t talk about doctors like they don’t know what they’re doing. Sure, there certainly are black sheep but if you’re not satisfied with the doctor, you could always go get a second opinion from another one.

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Yeah if they can’t sell you drugs they’re not trained for much else. With a lesser known condition they don’t have the time to refresh and usually don’t know anything you don’t. I have an unusual congenital condition and I always end up educating a new doctor, and if they cut me off and can’t take s little info I walk out. The damage a bad doctor can cause shouldn’t be underestimated, they have too much power to treat them lightly. That power is a problem: a lot of doctors can be very narcissistic because the profession attracts that, and can’t handle being seen to be out of the loop, even though the field is enormous and they can’t be expected to know it all. The good ones will listen and work with you. Those are few and far between in my experience but they exist, and are gold when you get one: ask around and keep looking.

Aldo try chiropractors.

In working with a spirit, keep researching the physiology so you understand it and they can help lead you to new ideas that a western doctor could never think of, and probably couldn’t tell you without losing their license. You have to be your own advocate.

Something to look into: You can also work on your dna with the healing entities to adjust that.
As you dna changes over time the bones will grow to the new pattern. Ebuhuel is good at this kind of work.


Also as a side note, have you looked at vitamin D in relation to your condition?

Thanks for answer :purple_heart:

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