A spirit caught on camera at my aunties wedding

This is unbelievable so here’s the full story, I attended my aunties wedding and during the bride and groom dance.

They were the only ones on the dance floor, I remember even seeing it myself no one else was there. However this photo was taken and my auntie freaked out and went through all the children at the wedding.

No one attended the wedding with the same description as the spirit of the little girl captured on this photo,

Every time I look at this picture I get weird vibes from it, stuff like this just gives me thrills more evidence.

Fuck yeah :love_you_gesture:t2:


Oh hell yeah

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@AdamThoth would love this.

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This kind of stuff is why I joined here. Authentic and keeps off the proper vibes.

That’s a really nice shot.


that shit lowkey scares me like i love it but i also dont :eyes::sweat_smile:



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She’s got that 1930’s-1940’s vibe to it. Just look at the clothes! She also have that playfulness of Lilith. At least the Lilith I know loves ceremonies and weddings, and she’s often manifest as a playful child to some magicians. Interesting!


I initially thought I saw 2 figures in this picture, one near the door. But either way thats amazing! Great shot!

I agree with there being two spirits in the photo, I am a paranormal investigator and have quite a few photos of spirits. They seem to show up just like this, awesome photo thanks for sharing

I guess its lilith