A spell to change someone's behavior for the better

Ok so I have someone very close to me that I love,but they have a rotten and demanding attitude almost all the time.My question is what kind of majickal action can I take to make them more respectful and kind?

Depends on how your looking to do it. You could use spell work in its various forms or evoke a spirit to do it as well. Depending on how you want their attitude to change will depend on how you go about the work. You wouldn’t use a commanding or compelling spirit or spell if you want love or friendship.

I’m just wanting the person to act more pleasant.I love this person and she loves me already,so there’s no need to use lovespells.

As I mentioned in the same posting in the General Discussion board, look into using a honey jar.

Working a skull candle or with a poppet would be a good choice.

So would I just take these items and use a visualization of what I want?

There are a few different ways you can go about this. One method is to do candle magick for the purpose you want, you then take the spent wax you’ve already loaded with intent and melt it down with some appropriate oils like compelling oil and shape it into a poppet. Usually a poppet like this is on its knees to signify it bowing to ones demands. You would baptize it as the person you wish to effect and work with it telling it that it will act as you wish. Using this in combination with a honey jar is a very good stategy. When your capable of evoking a spirit there are several who can make one do as you wish.

Thanks for the instruction.I’ll gather the implements,and give it a shot