A spell to attract other magicians to work with

So I’m wanting to find people in my area to do workings with,and was thinking of using one of the candle majick spells from the BALG e-book.Should I use the black majick candle spell ,or use a red candle to attract friendship?

Make your own ritual. It will be all the more powerful and be a good learning experience for you. Understand the principles of what your doing and apply them in the design of your ritual.

You can also open a sigil, make contact with a spirit that can move people around the world, and ask it to bring them to you. Seere would be a good choice.

I worked with Seere for this purpose and I can tell that’s very efficient. Very friendly and reliable.

Just curious, where do you live?

I live in Bloomington Indiana.Anyone near the area is more than welcome to come meet me and indulge in spiritually and ritual.