A spell step by step?

I need advice, I am in open relationship with my girlfriend. I find one of her friends very attractive. (My girlfriend knows it) Whenever her friend comes home, she always looks me in the eye and talks to me and follows me from one room to another and I feel that she finds me attractive. But hey, she is veiled Muslim … she makes herself pray every day. She does not know the situation of me and my girlfriend. And seems to have very strong principles. It only text me when I text and seems rather cold and distant when not in the vicinity. In fact, I would like to get closer to her little by little. How should I go about it? I thought Sitri but it seems much too hardcore. I thought of going step by step. In order to get closer to her. My goal is to live an idyll with her or maybe a polyamour. Thank you for answering me.

I forgot to say that I got the Winterfield DoM and intend to work with this book.

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