A spell or spirit to make someone see the fault of their actions?

Ok I haven’t posted in a really long time because I’ve been dealing with alot of stress and drama in my home life and at work.
What I’m looking for is some kind of spell to make someone realize their own behavior and how ridiculous it is.

I recently got back together with my ex and we are 100% made for each other but there has been alot of problems concerning my daughter lately that has come between us.
My girlfriend is in a stressful point in her life where alot of shit keeps piling on top of her and the situation with my daughter is the main thing.

I dont want to manipulate her or cast love spells.Although Sallos worked wonders for our relationship for awhile until my daughter was released from the facility she was in.
Now my girlfriend is making a bunch of absurd demands concerning my daughter and wont even give my daughter a chance.
My daughter has been in and out of behavioral health facilities for the past few months for violence and my girlfriend is refusing to come around now that she’s out again.
She wants to be a mother to my daughter but wont help out with what’s going on.She did at first but now she says she’s done.

She doesn’t believe me when I tell her how much I love her and would die for her if necessary.
And before ya’ll think this is another “Oh please help me get my girlfriend back” type situations it’s not.

This woman helped me raise my daughter since she was 1 year old.My daughter is now 11.
I realize she’s done alot but I wont be told or made to do anything I dont find fair.

I just want us to be a happy family and for her to realize what she’s doing.My daughter wants to see her and I want her in our lives.
She’s an amazing person but she’s going off the deep end.

Any advice?

What does your reading point the cause of all this to be?

I haven’t read on it.Honestly I suck at reading for myself.It’s like when I see or hear something bad my mind shuts it out.

I think that current behavior of your girlfriend might be caused by some changes in her life that you might not be aware of. I don’t know what history you guys had and what happened between you but from quickly reading your post I understand that her behavior changed recently and more likely than not it’s caused by something that you are not aware of. I am intentionally vague because I don’t want to make any assumptions or accusations but merely give you an idea, and I’m sure you have resources to find out the reason. I mean your daughter is not the main reason, because she wasn’t for all these years in the past( she would not help you raise your daughter if she hated her all these years).

Now if you think that she is being unreasonable and she does not do it intentionally, then maybe demon like Zagan could help her (and you). I would ask him to grant her wisdom and understanding .

I haven’t given up on doing the healing work on your daughter but I just got a brain storm. A freezer spell maybe? but just on the anger itself? Once things with your daughter are fixed the relationship will sort itself out… She’s the main concern right now…

In fact… I’m thinking maybe even a group healing ritual and we all just pick one entity to speed things up. What you guys think?

Me too, its very pissing to say the least. What seems to be yielding better results in my readings regarding myself is to treat me as a 3rd person. I ask ‘what Diazin should do’ instead of ‘what should I do’, weird no?

.> what?.. Still no takers on the group thing?

I’m committed to a bunch of other stuff right now, sorry - not sure what’s going on with other folks, but I feel bad just saying nothing.

Today I will petition one of my spirits that I work every week to help with this. But it’s probably not gonna be the same spirit as you guys will choose.

Today I will petition one of my spirits that I work every week to help with this. But it’s probably not gonna be the same spirit as you guys will choose.[/quote]

Probably not, as I was mainly working with Raphael

Raphael sounds like an obvious choice but I’m using a different spirit.
Regardless, I believe it will still help the process. I will do my rituals in about half an hour.

I find my energy disastrous for healing works, so Id rather not get into this.

Never pick a (girlfriend) above your own daughter. I would like to call you an idiot for even thinking that this is a real issue that is worth fusing over but I wont. Ask your girlfriend only once to make the situation work if not tell her goodbye. Girlfriends come and gone but never pick or compare your love and obligation to protect your daughter. You don’t die for your girlfriend you die for your daughter.

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I’m not asking for anyone to do the work.Just wanted advice.
And seth this isn’t some new girlfriend .We’ve been love since we were teenagers and she was a mother to my daughter in her biological mothers absence .
My daughter is completely out of control and violent towards everyone that has tried to help.Her entire group of family ands has disowned her because it’s impossible to be around her.When the police took her the other night she even assaulted thearresting officers.
So it’s not just some new bitch I just met.

But regardless I feel she should still stick around.
So I’ll figure this out myself I guess.

PS Tank you nue.You’re the best!

She sounds perfectly reasonable in this situation. She feels physically threatened. You can’t force her to stay with you, neither should you. If your daughter is out of control, SHE’S the one you should focus on and trying to make better.

I’m trying to work on both of them.
They use to be so good together.My daughter used to love her and call her mom.
My daughter used to only behave for my girlfriend.And she still does.But my girlfriend wont come around unless my daughter isn’t here.
I guess I need to be working on their relationship as well as my daughters mental health.

But my point is that my girlfriend said when we got back together that she wanted to be a mom to my daughter but as soon as shit gets rough she wants to check out when she knew what was going on.

Did the reading it euoi is right, it’s not about her trying to Weasle out, right now she is horribly terrified of what your daughter may do, she fears more than just her mental safety bit her life ,… As for their relationship, you just need to heal your daughter as priority, the rest will be automatic…

Trying to make someone see the fault of their actions? There is so much wrong with that, magically speaking.

Magic starts with the self. Which of your views can you change which will better the situation? If you want to effectively deal with the situation, that’s where you start.

I agree with the statement someone said about your daughter coming first. But I also understand that you’ve been with your GF for several years. Long term relationships like that, especially if you were highschool “sweethearts” can be tough to just end like that because you spent the majority of your teen years and young adult years with that person. You grew with them and learned how to take on adulthood within their presence.

I had a relationship very similar to that, my daughter doesn’t have behavioral problems, it was actually my ex that developed the problems. I’d rather not go into detail but trust me when I say the situation was similar. It came down to him walkin away & saying you choose me or your daughter, you can’t have both.

That situation is not exactly the same as yours but similar. So I understand why you want to keep both of them in your life, but maybe your GF has just reached her limit of what she can tolerate mentally and emotionally. I’m sure she does care about your daughter, she wouldn’t have helped raised her if she didn’t but maybe she is thinking I love him and I love his daughter, but his daughter’s behavior is getting so out of hand that I feel like all we ever focus on anymore is her behavior. Sounds like she genuinely just wants some precious time with you without having to worry when the next outburst will be. Even though she is an adult, did you ever ask her if she may be afraid of your daughter? Children, although smaller, can put the “fear of god” in some people because they are so spontaneous.

I’d recommend this, work on your daughter she comes first, get her into counseling, even if you have to enroll her in a boot camp thing to scare the shit out of her for a few weeks, scare her into behaving. At home, set new rules & boundaries for her and if she violates the rules, be strict and enforce them no matter how much resistance she gives you. Sit her down and make her watch a few episodes of that show “Beyond Scared Straight”. It shows kids with issues like this going to a prison for a day & the inmates there tell them what adult prison is really like to scare the, in hopes they’ ll straighten up so they don’t end up in there.

I don’t know the extent of your situation, but I can tell you that explosive anger like that if uncontrolled can eventually lead to your child ending up in jail as an adult. Anger like that is addictive, a very hard emotion to break, it gets worse as time passes unless some type of intervention is made. But make her watch that show, tell her, if she doesn’t go to therapy and doesn’t try to get better on her end, you’ll be sending her to one of those prisons for a day to experience the same boot camp thing. Get her on some meds and make sure she takes them.

While all this is going on, keep in contact with your GF over the phone, tell her you realize how much this is affecting her and that you are trying new methods to help your daughter and that you’d like to get back together when you can assure her that your daughter is on the right path. Doing a spell on your GF will only be temporary if the problems are not actually fixed and things will spiral out of control again later on, similar to a love spell eventually wearing off. I’d ask an entity of your choice to instead, help you with your daughter’s behavor first, then if it’s meant to be with your GF, things will rectify themselves when the time is right.

May not be what you wanted to hear, but I am only trying to help so please don’t take offense to anything I said above. I had good intentions in writing this to you, and I am only going by what I’ve read on here so far. I took many psychology classes in college and I have a few psychologists in my family, one who works specifically with children with behavorial problems.