A small tip for beginners

If you have watched EAs videos he covers this deeper than what I am going to but defiantly will help. When you make a sigil and summon a diety, don’t leave the sigil out and open. Unless you have a deep connection with the spirit. Otherwise you got yourself a lil portal always open. I’ve heard the crack noise outside my house constantly and was unable to sleep well for days due to having a sigil out. Just a heads up, some may disagree but I’m just letting you know!


If I have used a Sigil I either wrap it in foil afterwards and put it up to be used again or burn it. Literally turn it into a doorway when you open a sigil. Close the door when finished.

Why take chances?


True that! Question though, the tin foil stop the flow or energy ?

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It contains it. It’s reflective so it contains the energy of what is wrapped up and reflects outside energies away from the object wrapped up.

That’s how I understand it. Haven’t had any problems so I’ll take that as it works. And I can save the Sigils and write the entities name on the foil so I don’t have to draw it again. Works for me.


Let the juices flow my friend :grinning:

I don’t have any problems with that. I have a book with all the demonic info I acquire and their seals drawn. The seals I use and activate are kept in here also, and actually this book goes everywhere I do. I keep it in my work bag. Also, Lucifers seal is in a frame that is always out and no problems. Grant, I don’t mind visitors but no issues so far.


That actually sounds awesome! I can have put my Sallos sigil and I don’t have any issue (The duke and I are friends) and I feel protected. But, after my evocation of king Paimon I kept hearing Cracks around my house and outside my window almost every 10 mins, for days till I burned the sigil. Not to say anything negative towards The king but I am still establishing a relationship with him so that could be why. Also, I don’t have an alter or room since I cannot do a full ritual due to my living environment as of now. But all and all It will come together.