A small, somewhat religious experience I had

So I was at a bar. I ordered some nachos I couldn’t finish (Bar Nachos take like 5 people to eat) so I took them home. I went to get gas, but as I went to use the bathroom, I saw a homeless man in a torn up folding chair. He was sleeping, so I left him the nachos. I mean, I wasn’t going to eat them. I don’t really enjoy those sorts of experiences, cause they’re kinda emotional, and I don’t like to be emotional. I had nachos that I most likely wouldn’t eat, so I considered it better for him to have them. In my annoyance, I said in my head “Odin, you better appreciate this.” I got some sort of reply back saying “I do, but you should that for yourself, not for me.” And, yeah, he was right. We shouldn’t do positive things for others to appease some spiritual being (unless they have asked us to do so as an offering). We do them for ourselves and/or someone else. We don’t exist to serve or appease the gods. We exist for our selves and our own interests. The gods provide guidance and counsel, and it is our right to accept or refuse.

I believe, that is what Odin was trying to teach me.


I like how you consciously thought

[quote=“Johnny_Samhain, post:1, topic:85144”]
Odin, you better appreciate this.
[/quote] lol. I agree with you 100% on doing the deed because YOU want to, or specifically as an offering. I bought a homeless guy a bike once, I just wanted to and it felt nice. (When I look back I maybe shouldnt have at that time, I was just recovering financially lmao) :sweat_smile:

Call me selfish but if you can’t afford to help yourself it’s not your job to help others. Each situation should be judged differently.

With great power comes great responsibility.

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