A small/short and brief evocation of Lucifer

I didn’t want to post this but Lucifer was pushy and asked me as a favor to “Post this to the forum separate from your journal” paraphrasing. I do pretty routine evocations and this was a standard one with Lucifer. I think this piece can serve as insight as to what he’s like, and such regarding practice. When you evoke a spirit I am of the mindset that you should always bring a list of questions something I’ve been failing to do as of late, anyways enough introductions here’s a brief conversation with/evocation I did of Lucifer Amaymon.

For a while you were cutting teachers out of my life can you tell me the reason?

Yes I can they weren’t good for you. Oron you’re a student of art I take and I’m quite fond of you. But you’re misled being on the left handed path. These rebellions you’re starting you’re misguided in your teachings and your journal is quite the unruly thing. I cut out the teachers because they were misguiding you. Enabling you in a sense Especially King Paimon. So there. Thats my answers got it all doll sweet cheeks?

(I then asked him not to call me that ever)

Am I under magickal attack?

No you’re not. Is this about you falling?


Well it’s true that something pushed you and you are under magickal suspican from several tribes but you’re not under any sort of attack. And even if you were we’re protecting you. You know.


You’re welcome

Will I ever be kidnapped by the fae?

Oh not this again. They have plans too but like we said I’m protecting you and so is Belial and Beelzebub and Sitri of all people. Eligos wants to have a word with you but he can talk with you after our little “meeting”

Godhood what does it mean and how close am I too it?

Ah a perfect question. You’re not very close. You’re as far as the eye can see. You are a god but not by blood. Godhood however is an invention. An invention of the human mind. It works like this. Take your stereotypical human and crank them up 9 notches. Then add superpowers and bam you got a god. Tell me does this have anything to do with Sitri by chance the lust demon?

I don’t work with him

Oh bull

I don’t

Well he’s heard of you. You should.

Lastly how soon can we begin work together

We’ve been working together Oron. We have since day one I’ve met you. I hate how God plays favorites with you. God and his children are unique and God has claimed you. See what that forum of yours says to that! All jokes aside I really should get going so end the writings here so we can get to business which I’m hoping you’ll admit from your journal?


And that’s the end of it~ I have no idea what to make of the “god comment” at the end there but that was basically the evocation. After I summoned him we talked some business I’m not available to dicuss here or even in my journal since it’s private regarding him. But yeah that’s basically it.

I’m not sure what purpose posting this serves or why he wanted me too and I hope it doesn’t break any rules regarding it being removed but I hope it can at least have helped someone with something!

-Acrians Locket


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