A simple way to be better at magick and energy manipulation

People might already know this but as soon as i realised the importance of this one thing everything i did got instantly more powerful and effective. Whenever you are doing anything magickal or manipulating energy in any way, make sure your kundalini is fully raised out the top of your head. Kundalini is known as the unlimited creative force in pretty much every spiritual paradigm its even mentioned in christianty. When people explain magic they just say its vizualisation plus intent, will or belief or something along those lines, i dont think ive come across this before when looking at any book or forum on magick but I might of just missed it or not found it yet.

Ive come to realise the kundalini is more of a living entity than an energy system (once its fully activated not just awakened), its basically conscious you can talk to it and it can control you to an extent. To me Its like having a real serpent living in my spine. I find during rituals or intense energy work il start swaying from side to side and either be unable to stop it or if i can my back and neck will be really stiff and hurt really badly. I tried to give it an offering earlier and it seemed to work. Anyway i hope this helps some people :slight_smile:


So your kundalini is awakened ?

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yes completely its usually out the top of my head at the moment, its getting quite annoying as my back hurts if im not sat in a medatating position or laid a very certain way. Ive done a lot of kundalini work with different entities though.
edit - i also vampyrise peoples kundalini all the time which greatly strengthens and stimulates the kundalini


Any tips on how to effectively raise it?

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++ same

Wow. That is good. I have been trying to achieve this for some time. I have never tried giving it offerings though or talking to it.

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The only time I received the kundalini awakening was when I had an 1/8 of shrooms on a full moon. Won’t get into the rest but Kundalini force was so intense I was curving and arching my spine involuntarily I had to get out of the car and drop the ground. I felt it straight away. While all this intense, exhilarating energy was pumping through my blood. I couldn’t control it, I had to sit down and started to have convulsions and that’s when I knew at one point the curvature of my spine was prepared for it. It was great fun, and also endearingly glad to know that someone else sees it as a living entity as well. It breathes, it is conscious, it’s a state of being.

My friend had weed induced psychosis, he ended up getting the Kundalini Force at his PSYCHIATRIST’S OFFICE! Lmfao. Was not funny during the time as he was in a delusional headspace but the fact he’s just sitting in a shrink’s office rotating his body in circles and convulsing would make this shrink scratch his head real fucking hard… lol

Kundalini like everything else has a potential, not always for good. People can get real fucked up from this shit like random couples going to Nepal then coming back more fucked than ever. Then you see the brainwashed “yogis” who purport it in unsafe ways.


Okay il share some things about the kundalini ive learned and how ive done what i have.
To effectively raise it completely first you are going to have to do quite a lot of kundalini work, the things i did are.
Working with demons and angels, nahema is really good and vk jehannum has a free ritual on his site which is really powerful i must of done it over 20 times now.
Sex with demons and angels.
Alchemical rituals
Invocations and evocations
Semen retention can really help i did about 4-5 months very beneficial.
Channeling energy especially from entities.
Meditating on the kundalini - vizualise the serpent coming up your spine and out the top of your head, if you cant see it, feeling it is fine. You will notice your back and neck being stiff.
Treat it like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it will be and the easier it will be to raise. Again using vizualisation as your mind is mainly what controls it.
Vampyrising peoples kundalini this is really powerful you will feel your kundalini being pushed up as you take it from others. (ive done quite a bit of vampyric magic for context)

After you have worked on it enough it will raise out the top of your head and it will be like a serpent entity is in the room with you (if you have psychic senses developed, i have never seen it i can just sense it and talk to it telepathically as weird as that sounds). once you have done this a few times it might start coming out by itself during ritual or during other energy work.

Now you can move on to having control of it. il just add that when i comes out the top of your head it just does its own thing and its very hard to make it just stop after its been stimulated a lot, i find it will sometimes return to the top of my head a few mins after ive stopped doing what im doing, i imagine everyones experiences will differ.
Raising it can be as simple as vizualisation it can take a few mins to begin with though.
Repeating words of power or asking it to raise VK has some good ones.
its really intuitive so its hard to explain i spent a while just playing with it vizualising it at the top of my head then out the top after i could maintain that.
it really is just like a muscle once you have built it up you can just do it and it knows when you need it so it will raise automatically. so just keep working on it.

Il just add that its a very powerful force once its at this point and its causing me some back issues but they are easily solved by sitting with my back straight. My mind is also a lot faster than it was before so having good control of your mind is probably neccessary, i can see why it sends people mad. Currently im meditating 4 hours a day too which is helping with both these issues. Over doing this work could have negative effects so i advise not going fast with this but i did and i dont tell people what to do, so just be aware of this. if you have any more questions let me know. Apologies for the lack of spacing i couldnt figure it out.

i hope this helps people, il link the ritual below and the words of power.


its a seriously powerful force i really think it is a key ingredient for magic. Jesus and moses did their mircles because of it, if you believe the stories even if not its showing the importance and power of it.
When i first got my kundalini to the 3rd eye it was seriously intense, i had the worst back pain imaginable i was actually crying with the pain, i couldnt even see properly or really move, i couldnt make a glass of water. it lasted about an hour or so then it felt like someone was drilling into my forehead where my 3rd eye chakra is then i went to lay down and just passed out for several hours.
i also have a pretty curved back but its vertically straight though ive heard having a curved spine in this way is really helpful for the kundalini im not sure though. I often get eye twitches which im pretty much sure are to do with my kundalini, when you look them up you will see things about convulsions, im lucky i never experienced that im glad you were safe.
That situation sounds hilairious there will have to come a day when mainstream mental health recognises this stuff, kundalini awakings are a massive cause of psychosis (if you believe these people are mad and not awakened) along with general spiritual awakenings. I love carl jungs work although i dont agree everything is an archetype the guy was a genius, im not sure if he knew all these spiritual experiences were actually real, but he knew he had to take another route to get his work noticed and published. I think its quite easy to think everythings an archetype especially if you have a mind like his thats trying to make sense of everything, as its our minds way of interpreting and understanding things we can only experience through the brain and psychic senses but after you have done enough work with entities you realise it cant be true and everything is real even though it is all in your head at the same time.
I smoked a lot of weed and i believe psychosis from it is just really powerful psychic ability that you dont understand which can then lead to a mental breakdown. So the voices you hear could be anything from nearby spirits to your higher self not your brain going wrong. I find when i smoke now all the crazy things i think of are actually very valuable in a spiritual sense, when we don’t understand the spiritual realm properly and how imagination interacts with it we dismiss it as nonsense. Now when i smoke i just sit and meditate with some paper and a pen, i find everything i think of to be really beneficial to my magic and energy work. Your experience on shrooms is a good example of this, other people would just think ive gone insane and freak out, when in reality its a more real experience of the kundalini than most people will ever get. People forget weed is a psychedelic i would argue it is only a psychedelic not stimulant or depressant. Its a doorway to your mind and the spirtual realm i find my ability to manipulate energy and my vizualisation are greatly enhanced when i smoke, i like to put the energys of my favourite demons and angels into each spliff and smoke it as an offering to them if its appropiate. I recently bought liber 420 ive only had a look through it as its nearly 800 pages long but holy shit does it look amazing and full of golden knowledge and beuatiful alchemical pictures, im so happy to own it.
Yeah the yogi thing is rediculous i feel so sorry for those couples when they could of saved their money and just had some good sex to awaken it aha. I can awaken peoples kundalinis its not that difficult, i actually caused someones kundalini to awaken by accident over the phone once, not sure how though.