A simple ward

Made it to keep cats our of my garden, don’t see why it wouldn’t work on other things. I’d think twice about walking into a dark alley if I saw this spray painted in it.

Nothing will set foot in my yard anymore. I left a pile of cashews in the back yard, and the squirrels won’t go near them.

The birdbath is rather pointless now too… Wasn’t expecting that, but I probably should have.

That reminds me of the scene in the cartoon The Jungle Book where the snake is hypnotising someone… awesome!

Could you explain the method that you used to get this result ? I’m talking about the sigil and how you activated

Actually, the creation of the sigil it’s self was the method of application in my case. Going to reapply it to ward off wasps as well. Really, all I’m going to do is inscribe it somewhere inconspicuous. Most likely I’ll paint it on a rock.

What does your ward happen to look like, out of curiosity. Could you show us a picture of it?