A simple glamour spell for you all


As a trickster deity, one of my specialties is obviously creating glamours or illusions. This spell is called the mask of false light. It’s simple and actually kind of effective.
1)banish opposing forces
2) visualize a sphere of light before you
3) create a mask out of this light. See what you want them to see, in this mask. I’ll use beauty as an example.
4) visualize yourself putting this mask on
5) see the light pouring into you and melding into you. Molding into a beautiful version of you (or whatever you want them to see.)until the light is completely apart of you.
6)recite a similar affirmation:
I am beautiful. All shall fall under my illusion and gaze upon true divine beauty. They cannot resist my divine allure, for I am the diamond upon their rings. May the gaze and fall upon their knees as they see me, their most beautiful and ineffiable god. None may resist this illusion. So be it.
7) really feel this illusion becoming the truth. You ARE what you want them to see, however, it is but their dream and you are it’s Weaver.

Let me know your results.


Also, this is where shapeshifting would come in handy.




I tried it but when I went to make the beauty mask I saw a black ball of darkness and it made a plague doctor mask. Any idea why that might be?


Haha. Sorry this made me giggle.

Makes me think of @adamthoth


Yes I thought that too like what is he doing here lol


I mean a mask is an identity. I suppose it could still be used all the same…


This reminds me of some energywork stuff I did a while ago, not a glamour but a slight perception filter thing to draw attention to me…

It was odd. I’ll have to experiment with this technique and see if I can do some coolness with it.


Bookmarked. Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: