A simple curse. The Tongue of Rot

This is a simple curse i did last night to a target. I figure that someone may read this and may find it helpful. I will lay it out in steps.

First gather ingredients. Youll need vinegar. black candles. Paper. Pen. Incense (i chose lavender and red rose) light the incense and candles.

You want to draw and cut out a paper man. You will write the targets name on the doll many times. I did it 6 times but go crazy and remember numbers matter so keep count. Then on a small square piece of paper write curse and death in any language. I personally used cuneiform since im working with nergal but it doesnt matter the language just the intent.

You will want to imagine the victim and connect their energy to the paper doll. Now what youll want to begin to break the neck and arms and legs of the doll while saying something like “you, _____ , have done me wrong and so your bones break. You cannot escape this fate”

Wrap the paper with curse written on it around the doll and say something like “now that you have wronged me, you are entrapped in my curse, youre fate is sealed.”

Put a bit of vinegar in your mouth and imagine that it is the most deadly poison on earth, that it is every single plague known to man. You will the lick the doll as your tongue is coated with vinegar “poison”. You then shall say something along the lines of “the tongue of rot has touched you, ______, you fall to the plagues. You die as the tongue spits rot onto your body!”

Finally burn this doll and paper while saying something like “your soul is now nothing but ashes. Your soul flies away like dust in the wind” and visualize the soul of the doll leaving it as it burns.

Anyway i hope this helps someone. You can even get a diety to help this working. I personally had Lord Nergal help me with mine. I offered a bit of blood and incense among other things. If you give blood during a curse i like to think of it as “this pain _____ brought me results in _____ death” as i get my blood. Anyway let me know your thoughts and if any entities say something about this please post what they say! I love hearing from everyone.


let me know what happened to your target

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