A sign that my death is near?

a few weeks ago i had some nightmares about my death and a few days ago one night i was in an area of my house and a black butterfly came through the window and landed on me, in many ancient cultures black butterflies are associated with death, is all this a sign that my death is near?


We just have to wait and see.
Pardon me I had a bad humour😂

Why do you think it’s near? Are blacks butterflies associated with death only? What if it’s just a dream?


hard to explain, but i feel like my journey on the physical plane is coming to an end, but maybe it’s just nightmares.

Sometimes death dreams have nothing to do with death in waking life. It could mean some area of your life is changing or coming to an end. Just a thought…


Most of the people I know who knew they’re gonna die soon were at obvious peace with everything even pain… and they said their goodbyes in their own ways without alarming anyone…
Your situation seems different if you have to ask about this! The ‘death’ indicated by the black butterfly can also be interpreted as a death of ‘something’ rather than a person, such as the end of a relationship, job, or even an idea or project.


It could also be a sign that an entity associated with death is offering to work with you. The Morrighan appeared to me as blue and black butterflies (real life ones though) and I’ve been working with her ever since.


I’ve had many Death dreams over the years and it usually means “Death of your Old Self” or death of a bad habit or Death of Ego.

Unless it’s coupled with several other omens and signs of physical death, I wouldn’t stress too much.

Maybe you could use divination to find out.


Nope. This is a sign that a certain area of your life comes to an end.
It’s like the tarot card death.
When we are close to leave this physical life we actually dream of closed relatives or people we really like and who are already on the other side, as well as beautiful astral places. Very contrary to what you dreamed.


Not everything should be taken literally. For example, some entities like to say things like “you will die today”. When what is meant is some aspect of your personality (laziness, avoiding work) will die - you no longer identify with it. I wouldn’t worry about it.


I’m no dream interpreter, but I’ve heard that butterflies signify detachment in dreams. Granted, the color black is associated with death (except in Japan). But it also has other meanings such as serenity.


Bro like if it is GG, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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Death can also be synonymous with change. It may mean a death as you are currently, so while it may seem scary it may not be an omen of your physical death, but the end of a phase before another begins.


I concur. In Tarot, the Death card is actually a metapohor for change or transformation, and is attributed to Scorpio. Moth have traditionally been an indicator for a change about to occur.


Maybe it’s a representation of your wish for something that bothers you to end.
What a beautiful omen! A black butterfly.
In my opinion, it says good things.
A delicate living insect.
Whatever it is will come to you smoothly and pleasantly.