A sign? Spell is working or backfiring?!

So I’ve tried several different things like simple paper spells, trying to contact sallos, dantalion. Few spells casted by others. The only movement in any direction I just received was my ex after almost a year removed me from his Netflix account. Which wasn’t costing him anything extra so I can only imagine he did it out of spite or something. I reached out to him. Nothing bad more or less just testing the water to see if he still hated me. I was understanding and asking if he’d be willing to talk. Was indirectly cuz I’ve been blocked on almost social medias. All he had to say was to leave him alone. He hasn’t blocked me on that form of communication yet which I expected him to.
So is any work I’ve been putting forth working indirectly or backfiring? I can’t tell. I tend to overthink things but now I’m just left on the forum trying to make sense of things.

It is possible that he is being hostile because of the conflicting emotions he is experiencing from the spell. Many times the target has resistance if it is against their true will, but the resistance may fall overtime or with more spellwork. I’d suggest leaving it for now and try to forget about it, then after a while if nothing still hasn’t happened you can try something more, but for now I’d say a sign that the spell definitely is taking effect.

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Cast yourself your spells. Noone except you has more will for the outcome. And break his protections first.

What do you mean by break his protection? He doesn’t do spell work. Or do you mean break him from protecting himself?

Shields of protection don’t have to be necessary made by spell work. His decisevness not wanting you, his or his new girl friends thoughts and feelings, their/his beliefs and who knows - he may not deal with spell work but what about his protective grandma, uncle, cousin etc… So you must first dedicate some time for work for destroying anything that may protect his from your upgoing works that had no efect by now.

I’m new to the magick side of things but that does seem a way of provoking your attention after such a long time. As said above, sounds like you’ve reappeared in his head very suddenly and he now has confused emotions. I would actually take it as a good sign.

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I mostly do. Because yeah it’s been like 6 months the last time we spoke but he officially ended things last dec. and just to NOW take me off of an account that doesn’t affect the price or anything like that. Makes me lean towards more good sign of things as far as I was on his mind. But his actual response wasn’t what I wanted. And neither was the actual action cus I enjoyed not having to pay for it lol