A sign from lucifer?

I think i have received a positieve sign from lucifer. But ill let you Be the judge:)

When i want to form a connection with a god/ angel/ deity whatever the case may be. I start with making an altar the sigil and offer incense and such. Candles. Before I start evocation for probably a week depending on what my instincts told me.

Anyhooo… yesterday I just stood in front of my still empty altar lit a candle and asked bluntly if Lucifer would be interested in making a connection. I want to work with him on different matters. I have made a lot of positive changes lately but also suffer from the residu of a huge burnout from big life traumas and this makes it hard for me to be confident in my new job and new way of life. I need confidence and less fear. This lady needs cojones so to speak.

So I stood there called out respectfully and asked him to give me a clear sign either in a dream or something I can not oversee.

I slept like a baby which never happens. No dreams And when I came out of bed I realized my living room was warm. And it Was a cold night so that was odd. Upon further investigation I realized that one of my antique gas heaters who I never use and is always off was calmly on and spreading heat. Which is impossible because I shut it down when I moved in and it only has decorative use. The thing is 50 years old. My dog is not able to light it or open the gas valve. I shut it off because well it’s old. But this is a sign… right? I have been pumped all day:) .


Well, it was completely shut down and there was no way for it to open on its own, then I guess that was indeed a sign.

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Thank you!

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I believe this was a sign. Congratulations! Ave Lucifer!


Thank you:)

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Looks like you definitely got your clear and unmistakable sign. We get signs in ways that are only unique to us sometimes. Lucifer gave you a sign, and I think you should embrace it, continue to be pumped and look forward to brighter days :hugs:

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A sign it was. No doubt.

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Thank you all for confirming. It was to obvious to not be a sign but sometimes you need likeminded people to clear away the rubble.

This is actually the first time I got signs so early so I started immediately with candles incense and offerings. Strange thing is. In my post I talked about having burn out residue . And I started working in a new place. I’m a software programmer / developer in the security field for banks and insurance company’s . A cybercrime fighter so to speak. In my new job I am the only woman in a building full of men who right from the start assumed “ that little girl” can’t handle this job, and test and sort of mock me from the start. I passed all their tests and the mockery is toning down. But there are days I just want to loosen screws on their desk chairs if you know what I mean. My burnout makes it hard for me emotionally so that is why I need lucifers help. I love my job the pay checks are enormous so I’m determined to make it.

Anyway since the sign. The guys left me alone. And it seemed like they calmed down. So I think I’m on a good path with lord lucifer. I have multiple things I need help with but this is a big one!

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:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I know and understand exactly how you feel. I was an aircraft electrician in the Navy and was always the only female in the shop. It didn’t matter which unit I served in, the guys always treated me the same, if not worse than the previous unit. I never reacted, i would just take my tools, my meter and head out to the aircraft and do my work. It got to the point to where they would ask me for assistance because they knew that I knew my shit, and that was something they could never take away from me. They became pretty cool afterwards and we’d party together. They’re lucky I didn’t have the time or energy to practice then what I do now, otherwise a lot of them would have “accidentally” been electrocuted or oops, “somehow slipped” and fell off the wing or something :woman_shrugging:.

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Well yes you know exactly how I feel. It’s almost as If being a woman In a mans world needs 150% of what they do:) thank you for your reaction . Maybe I can find a spirit that unscrews desk chair Screws . Nothing to harmful but I would love to see them embarrassed :)o

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