A Sigil Stairway/Portal

This is a sigil I channeled last night. I believe on the surface, it is a testament to my work within the realm of the occult, specifically on the LHP, and as a symbol standing strong representing my personal Gnosis and my Inner Temple.

The intention was to create a portal. I believe I have opened a sort of entrance into another realm… I believe this realm to be called Zin. I came to this conclusion through Gnosis/Intuition. The information was made clear to me through synchronicity and direct transmission into me. I feel like I am able to navigate this labyrinth. I have a temple within this realm that I share with the Deities I align myself with. There is a lot of energy here. Surging pulsing energy. Primal energy.

I wanted to share this here to see if any of you feel anything when you look at this sigil.



I find there’s a lot of power in numerology you should study what the numbers mean it might teach you more