A sexual working : Dionysus + Eros + Pan

Would it be possible to work with these 3 deities Dionysus + Eros + Pan at the same time ?

Example :

  1. Ask Eros to be present in my bed to make it an boost erotic desire

  2. Ask Dionysus to push the boundaries of sexuality in bed

  3. Ask Pan to raise the sexual energy to a fever pitch

Would there be any conflicts here ?

Any clue how to go about this?

Thanks :pray:


There is no conflict. Is just a multilayered working, something I’m a firm believer in.

In your place, I would work with each of them in consecutive days. And maybe you may want to tell all of them that you’ll be working with others, but it is probably not necessary.

In any event, I would recommend you to switch Dionysus with Aphrodite here.


Why Aphrodite?

Would evoking be sufficient ? Would you build altars?Give offerings ?

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Because she would probably like your request.

No and no. I don’t give offerings unless they’re asked from me.

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Which days would you suggest working with these 3 beings ?

Friday for Aphrodite

And the other 3?

Well, Pan on Wednesday by association (one hypothesis is that he was a more rural aspect of Hermes and not his son)

Eros could also be on Friday. But I’m not the right guy to ask about planetary/time correspondences and such.

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Aphrodite would probably jump at the opportunity, but I’m sure Dionysus would to and be relatively the same effectiveness…
With these workings to get the most is to be with who you vibe with :black_heart: pure oneness of thought without any distractions and it’ll flow

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