A sacrifice!

Before I start don’t say ask him what he wants because he hasn’t clearly spoken to me yet… Im getting to the point where I will sacrifice my soul for what I want. I know that might sound dramatic but im being serious. I just want to know if there is a price he will accept to help me.

Who is ‘‘he’’?

Afaik it is not necessary to offer your soul, the spirits aren’t interested but I read from others about demons being interested in eating parts
of your soul or in making a pact for sure.

After the time of the pact and after your
death you serve the spirit in its sphere for
a certain time. So Franz Bardon explained it.

I feel if you are willing to give up ownership of your soul for something either it’s really important or you need to self reflect and learn to do it yourself rather than relying on an entity who can literally say screw you. Anyone human or nonhuman you sell your soul to owns you either while you’re alive or even after you’re dead and depending on the terms they own you for some time or permanently.

First, who is “he”?

Second, no spirit wants your soul.


Many parasites want people’s souls.


Not just parasites, some entities like the idea of a servant to carry out their will either on the physical or if they’re in the spiritual with them to carry out errands.

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I looked in the mirror after I asked Lucifer for what he wanted and I felt it come to me. Then right after at my work a guy came in with my middle and last name the same birthday month at me. So I felt like it was a sign. So I made that offer and signed it and put blood on the paper. Ill let you know what happens tommorow.