A ritual I’m planning

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a ritual in grimiore for the green witch. The idea is to find a lover. I’ve been doing some thinking and realized I’m so concerned with finding a girlfriend because I feel as if I have to. Don’t get me wrong. I want one. But I feel like I need something first. A feeling of personal empowerment.

In my writing, I portray a protagonist who’s strong and declares that women don’t define him. I feel like the opposite. I’m caught in a cycle of not knowing which comes first.

I’m still going through with my plans, but more because I need the practice. I’ve been more of an armchair magician recently and I need to fuckn do something. However, I can’t shake the feeling that maybe I don’t deserve a relationship right now. I need to grow as a person. However, maybe some attention from the opposite sex will help boost my confidence. Maybe that’s what I want, to be noticed and given some attention.

Any helpful advice?

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Maybe you should put a love spell on yourself first. Might give the confidence you look.

Yeah, I was going through something similar before starting to work with the gatekeepers. It was not the same issue but I felt stuck in life and that something was missing. I had stopped working magic for months and felt terrible about feeling the way I did because my fiancee at the time and our kids were seeing it. Fed up with all, I decided to just start it and worked with Belial first, as he invoked a great amount of fear in me. When I brought up my issues as the working went, he kept saying “Just do it!” every time I thought of a ritual (I swear he started sounding like a Nike commercial after a bit). So I did and made steps in my life that has allowed that feeling to pass.

The point of sharing this to you is that one of my key lessons with Belial is that sometimes we need to just jump into the fray, even when we do not feel like we are ready. Sometimes, in those moments, you find exactly what you were missing that you were waiting for in the actual process of achieving a goal. Perhaps this is one of those moments for you. I hope this helps in some way.


Can I do that?

Dont target the other persons,do it for yourself,look for some spirits that mostly works on love,it will sure make it more potent becuse you will see your darker aspects and you will accept them too.

Right now I’m focusing on pagan gods, primarily the Norse. My lack constant exposure to lhp, but lack of practice, has made me feel rather sour lately. I want to work that path, but I’m actually…nervous. So I thought I’d take a look at paganism and use it to start a practice. Then when I’m ready I move on to working with Belial or some similar entity.

A few weeks ago, I received in the mail a book about qlipothic and possession rites. I’m very interested in utilizing these possession rites myself, including to Belial, Lilith, and na’amah. I asked Each of them how they’d feel about merging with me and each have the go ahead. I’ve been posted about that on here and never got a satisfactory amount of responses. Then I turned to some Wiccan friends on Facebook and was turned away from the idea.